Full Name: Jerry Arthropod
Gender: Male
Race: Giant centipede
Occupation: Horrible Poisonous Bastard
Homeland: Fae
Age: 4
Orientation: Leg man
Height(Length): Approximately 4'4"
Weight: 25 kgs
Hair: None
Fur: Only microscopic sensory hairs on appendages
Eyes: Black
Markings: Fiery red/orange leg, antennae and pincer colouration, blackish red body segments

Magicke: Chitin imbued with resilient defensive enchantment.

Abilities and skills: Toxic venom. Can form extremely hard and durable magicke barrier in chitinous armor on command.

Weaknesses: Higher-ordered tasks. Imprinted on Lithius permanently.

Physical description:

Though resembling the real-world scolopendra gigantis, his species, found only in the wilds of Fae, are much, much larger. He has hundreds of fast-articulating legs for rapid movement, and a foot-long pair of pincers at his anterior that can excrete an extremely hazardous neurotoxin, causing extreme radiating pain and paralysis in a matter of moments.

History and Personality:

When Lithius Kensen connived his way into the mystic realm of Fae, he was tasked, as an abominable half-breed, to prove his worth in a Trial of Placement. This cryptic instruction led him to the cavernous roots of Sardrassil, where he wandered ever-deeper for days.

The monstrous centipede initially tried to kill the fae, who was sent to the Great Tree unarmed, naked and clueless, but Lithius managed to bite the giant arthropod on the membrane interspersing its chitinous body segments, thereby magickally imprinting the beast on him. In the process, Lithius has in a way imprinted on the centipede as well, and as such their relationship to each other can not be described as one of a Master and pet. Neither of them understand how this works, nor does the author. "Jerry" accompanies Lithius by its own free will, protecting the fae and naturally attracted to Lithius' magickal gabbledegook anyway. Despite being an arthropod, Jerry possesses the intelligence of a particularly sharp real-world dog, at the very least.

In concert with Lithius' magicke, Jerry can form an incredibly hard barrier around his natural body armor, making him virtually impervious to harm. He can also lock his body-segments together and (rather bizarrely) be wielded by Lithius as a striking weapon.

Jerry often accompanies Lithius while in town, concealed (somehow) on his person. Lithius, however has received a number of fines and citations from Constable Eli Sykes for unlawful possession of an unlicensed animal against city ordinance, all unpaid.

Theme song(s): Anvil - Tag Team

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