Kale Ausa


A nosey brat as a child, his desire to be filled with knowledge and information about the world around him lead him straight to the Elysian Informer's offices in Aesir. A newly created paper service to keep the citizens of Elysia informed on current events. A smashing success in Aesir, it has expanded to some of the other larger cities, including: Elysian City, Vanir, Vedas, and Olympia. Kale heads up the Elysian City division where he spends restless days and nights providing news for the people and adventure for himself.


Kale's childhood was quite average, a small town lad who dreamt of a bigger life of adventure and knowledge. It wasn't hard to see who eager he was to jump into the middle of any intrigue he could find, often finding himself in the middle of many a Bridon local's business. However, being called a nosey meddling brat only moved him further in his quest to be among the big bustling cities and world changing politics. Against his parent's wishes, he packed up at a still young age and headed for the bigger cities of Eiru (Britain). But even they felt too tame and stifling for him until a young dockworker he had befriended told the tales of Elysia, the small island with all the adventure he could handle. Fish tales to be sure, but they were more than enough to see the young tiger boarding a ship to Elysia.


His arrival in Elysian City had him quickly trying to fill himself with information. It was because of this thirst for knowledge it was suggested he head to the capitol of Aesir, home of an very new and experimental newspaper service known as the Elysian Informer. He jumped at the chance and was quickly accepted as a novice writer. It wasn't long that the overzealous journalist proved himself several times over and they offered to move him to his own office and his own division in Elysian City. He's headed up the small and understaffed office ever since.

Arrym Invasion

War is always good for a business like the media. Every press was sold out before the day would end. No rumor could out surpass the insight and factual investigations of Kale's service. As the war progressed, it was Kale who was shoveling out tales of heroism and triumph of Elysian soldiers that kept morale high, even as the frontline moved right on top of Vanir and Elysian City themselves. To do this day, Kale is considered one of the heroes of the war because of his valiant efforts, not only of his morale boosting editorials, but his information that he provided to the military about Arrym's movements. He even came into combat himself more than once during his excursions as well as one of the many Elysian City militia who battled for their city's final defense.

Art by Mozzaratti

Full Name: Kale Ausa
Gender: Male
Race: Furre
Species: Arctic Tiger (Feline)

Affiliation: Elysian Informer
Occupation: Investigative Journalist
Birthplace: Birdon, Eiru
Age: Mid-20s
Birthdate: May 5th

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Fur: White with black tiger stripes
Hair: White
Eyes: Baby Blue

Novari Occupation

Kale continued to do what he did best for a short while, but eventually, the Novari grew tired of his meddling in their affairs and his slanted writings. Finally, he was outright called a Resistance conspirator but they simply and quietly had the Informer shut down. Kale and his small staff stuck close together even as they found jobs elsewhere in the city, picking up a courier job himself, and grew ever further into exactly what the Novari had accused them of, where they provided information and supplies to the local Resistance cells.

The Factions

When the factions signed the truce, one of the first things the re-instated mayoress, Shia Duvont, did was to allow the Elysian Informer to open shop once again. Kale and his crew went hard at work to try to clear the names of the public Resistance members as well as smooth the relations between the bad blood, nationalism, and racism that was prevalent among all of the factions and their people.

Misc Information

  • Usually has a duffel bad at the ready for quick travel.
  • Always has a ton of paper pads, charcoal pencils, and inkwells on hand.
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