Kazuo Sakamoto

Full Name: Kazuo Sakamoto
Gender: Male
Race: Mastiff
Occupation: Nobleman and Daimyo of Lodis Island
Homeland: Elysia
Birthdate: February 21
Age: 44
Height: 5'11
Weight: 203lbs
Hair: Gray/black
Fur: Tawny
Eyes: Blue
Markings: Mastiff brown/black fading

Possesses only academic knowledge of magicke. Numerous magicke defenses cast by court mages.

Well-known. Bound to class behaviour. Violent.

Personal Equipment:
Carries an expensive sword, mostly for decoration, and possesses the riches and resources of a particularly strong daimyo.

His father was a principal retainer to the nobility of Lodis at the time, and was first in line to take over as military Lord after the dynasty died heirless. Since that time the Sakamoto line has grown to prominence. The clan and its warriors were crucial in the Second Revolutionary War and were granted nobility by the crown shortly afterward. Disgrace came to them, however, after it was discovered that the previous nobility of Lodis had been Novari collaborators and had conducted negotiations for invasion. With no living heirs to the old line to blame, much of the guilt fell upon the Sakamoto clan and their current leader, Kazuo.

This bears heavy on the aging warrior-lord, and though he is a creature of duty to his country and crown, there have been rumours of a strong belief in reform, and a return to the Feudal ways of the early Elysian nobility. He is currently one of the proponents of Unification for the south provinces, which would include Elysian City's district and its nobility.

Kazuo Sakamoto possesses hundreds of retainers, sworn in fealty to him by the infamously unbreakable Old Codes. The Sakamoto clan has grown strong despite its shame, and its leaders highly dedicated and religious furres. The Motto of the Sakamoto clan is "Mono No Aware".

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