King's Aegis

The King's Aegis is an order of Knights in the Kingdom of Elysia. Simply referred to as the "Aegis" most often, the order dates back to the reign of King William, who raised his most loyal 10 retainers to Knights for their valor and dedication.

In time, the Aegis grew beyond the Knights that guarded the monarch. The term now encompasses a large body of several hundred, and the monarch's personal retainers (called the Crownguard) oversee the operations of the order and offer recommendations on new Knighthoods.

The Aegis answers only to the monarch and the Crownguard in all matters of state. Its Knights swear fealty only to the crown, and are in this respect unlike the Knights in the service of many Noble Houses. Aegis knights are prohibited from marriage unless released from their vows by the Monarch, and also not permitted membership in any other social or warrior's order. This means that Mage Knights cannot join Guilds, etc.

Aegis knights are most often not organized in peacetime, and tend to go about an unrestricted day-to-day life. They may be, however, called into service of the Crown at any time by being summoned to the Crownguard.

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