King Xavier I

In the time of the original Novari occupation, there was a young garrison commander by the name of Michel Aucoin. A diminutive canine of quiet and stoic disposition, Aucoin worked his way up the ranks with great respect from his subordinates. Though his name has fallen away from history, "Xavier" is the single most potent utterance of pride and dignity in Elysia.

In the early days of Elysia the contrast between the lives of the wealthy and affluent and the working class was stark. The Novari kept slaves, and the brutal conditions of work and minimal pay kept the working class not far from slavery in most definitions. Though the young officer was far removed from the poor state of things, with land and title and slaves of his own, he refused to be content with it and took matters into his own paws. The Spring Uprising was the first major peasant revolt in the new country's history, and rather than murder the insurgents in their homes, Aucoin chose to refuse what would be his final order, and instead took side with the angry workers. From that time on a quick consolidation of resources under Aucoin's command took control of villages and towns at amazing speed, many of the military officers and their subordinates eagerly joining the cause to shake off 50 years of oppression.

In an assault that was the decisive battle of the revolutionary war, the insurgency took Elysian City on April the 10th of the first year of the nation. It is celebrated to this day in Elysian City as Liberator's Day, begrudgingly accepted by the nobility whose ancestors were temporarily deposed on that day.

The quick progress of the victory spread across the country. The liberation of Elysian City meant a choke point for supplies, and warned of defeat for the Novari. By October the entire Southern Province had fallen to the insurgency. Though the war crawled along over the next 6 months, it was a steady and slow process of defeat for the Novari, whose provisional government signed their surrender on March 15th of the following year.

Michel Aucoin was crowned King Xavier the First of Elysia on April 10, an homage to his Elysian City victory. He would reign for 25 years with unparalleled devotion to his newly founded nation, until his death, when his young son William would take his place. Many parents name their children Xavier in hopes they will be as brave, wise, and compassionate as the old King.

The founding of Elysia, its government, culture, and many other aspects of Elysian life were to Xavier's exact specification. In the modern day many troubles arise as politicians fight to claim what " Xavier would have wanted", and the honest try to do right by the Founder.

A statue still stands of Xavier in Park Square in Elysian City; it does not smile, but depicts Xavier with a furrowed brow in deep contemplation, as he looks West with concern in his eyes.

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