The Kla'tek Cartel

Area of Operations: Cherry and Lodis

Originating in Arrym, the Kla'tek cartel ran a great deal of the arena networks and trade guild protection services. Now in its third generation of capo, Lord Kla'tek, named for his father and grandfather before him, has left his young brother and eldest son to run the business on the mainland while he jumped at the chance to follow the Arrym invasion to Elysia in order to expand his businesses, opening up combat arenas as well as all knew sorts of gambling casinos through out the island, even far beyond his cartel's actual area of influence. The cartel now pretty much runs the town of Cherry and is often the subject of racial tension against the drakes and the Arrym both. Kla'tek, for all his crass and forward attitude, attempts to keep the peace with furrekind, Elysian and Novari both. It's good for business that way.


  • Battle arenas and gambling casinos that dot throughout the entire island, mostly in the more red light of districts, but also found in the upscale busier districts of some cities like Vanir and Aesir as well.
  • Several small private armies that are hired out for protection work for the right price.
  • Information networks, mostly pertaining to Arrym interests, but tried to follow political dealings, as well as business affairs of the other cartels and even the movements of the Resistance. It wouldn't be the first time Kla'tek used the Resistance's actions as a means to make some profit.

Notable Members

  • Capo: Kla'tek

The Arrym lord who shares the name the cartel was named after, his grandfather. Kla'tek fills his predecessors proverbial shoes quite nicely, making bold and intelligent moves that gained him power and money in no time. He quickly set up shop no sooner than when the invasion began and made a profitable killing of his own kind with trade for weapon and armor upgrades and repairs the military smiths couldn't seem to match. Now that the factions has settled things and Cherry still in moderate chaos not long after his brethren's foolish killing spree, he finds the locale the perfect place to spread his new financial empire. His only apparent weakness is a fortune teller's warning, expressing that someone close to him in his own cartel would one day be his slayer.

  • Azala T'kang

Azala was born a princess to the chief of one of the smaller Yurq'ua'an islands, a warrior nation who often held playful tournaments of strength and fighting prowess. Young Azala was amazing of not only agility and strength, but her wit as well. Yet it was always her two older sisters who would overpower all but the champion warriors of the tribe. Azala's jealousy and desperation for attention and approval in her father's eyes eventually forced her to depart to learn from new masters. She acquired a Zabelian slave named Tual where she had him teach her the sacred martial arts of the Zabel people. From there and short on funds, she foolishly bet herself and her slave within an arena, where she fell to the powerful Barathrum. In honor of her bet, she is now a very respected pet of Lord Kla'tek who treats her as much as a body guard and adviser as he does a lover and servant.

  • Barathrum

A hulk of a drake, cursed by Novari experiments, he has no recollection of his past or his family though has flashing glimpses of the wife and children he knew he once had. Taken in after being freed from an Novari prison vessel by Klatek almost a decade ago, he's done all he could to repay his debt to his benefactor, who keeps him along as an enforcer and as an arena ringer. But the cursed behemoth feels a great vengeance burning against the Novari for not only taking his body and freedom, but his family and memories of them. He seeks to someday repay this other debt… and perhaps find the redemption he feels he owes his family.

  • Shen'Jal'Thruun

Barathrum maybe the most imposing force the Kla'tek cartel had ever seen, but no one can argue the mighty blade and ominous stature of Shen'Jal'Thruun. She started her life in an unassuming Arrym village until she was of age enough to handle a weapon. From there, she left home as a sword for hire to anyone who could afford her. It didn't take long before that price became a steep one and one well worth paying. Noble and proud with no desire in violence itself, the powerful drake values honor above all else, living for the thrills of combat and the strengthening of her skills. Whether in the arenas proving her skill or on the battlefield, it was rare when she would slay by choice, instead leaving them to live another day in the hopes of clashing swords with them once again. It was this nobility that Kla'tek was drawn to like a moth to a flame, lovestruck with the amazons power and grace. Despite the prices he pays to keep her employed as an arena fighter and a body guard, and despite all that he showers on her, she refuses his advances and his gifts. To this day, no male has still yet to claim her heart.

  • Tual

A middle-aged Zabel jaguar who'd been passed around as a slave from one Arrym noble family to the next for whatever purposes they ever deemed from the former priest. That was until he was purchased by Azala. She seemed to actual honor his religious heritage and have a great respect for his culture. He still wonders if it was merely a means to soften him so he would teach her his people's martial arts, but all the same, he has a likewise respect and fondness for his young mistress. She put them up in a bet at an arena match and lost them both to the service of the cartel. He's not happy with how Kla'tek treats her, but is admittedly still treated well by the cartel, serving them as a butler in their newly constructed manor in Cherry.

  • Vada'lrun

Violent and conniving, the drake wizardess was born into the service of the Kla'tek cartel. But a servant girl, she never was. She clawed and spelled her way up the ladder of the cartel, earning her a comfortably close position to Kla'tek himself, with hints of a romance budding between them. However, it is no secret, though whispered whenever mentioned, that Vada would do anything for power. Including becoming the one in the old fortune teller's warning. But the real question is, does anyone truly believe she'll be happy stopping at being "only" a cartel boss?

  • Xa'sterr

A former horde soldier who resigned after the war to become a soldier of fortune as a means to fund his quest to find out the fate of his lost brother, who was never claimed as a fatality in the war. He was recruited into the Kla'tek Cartel out of his shining references and the money was too good to pass up. He also uses these new trade contacts for information to his personal quest. He believes his brother is alive and will stop at nothing to find out where he is. Even if it means someday betraying the cartel.

  • Zom'vekt

A Yurq'ua'an opportunist thief. You can't get more basic of an insight into this uncouth beast. But he knows a good deal when he sees one, and working for Kla'tek is the best, safest gig he's ever scored. He doesn't plan on screwing that up any time soon. But in the meantime, the locals outside the cartel won't mind a few odds and ends missing, surely. After all, it's a good chance they'll be easy to find again in someone's market a few days later. He's simply… helping the economy. Yeah, that's it.

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