Knights in Elysia are a warrior caste of nobles, raised to their status by the King/Queen of Elysia for merit. They also tend to belong to the Order of Elysia, an overarching term that refers to all Knights in the kingdom whether they be members of a Nobles House's retainers or of the crown's personal knight order, the King's Aegis.

At times, individuals are raised to Knighthood for their personal achievements and loyalties, but in the past many Knights appear to have been made for the convenience of political aims, or as an ideal occupation for members of Noble families. Though Nobles may be knighted, Knights forswear any hereditary land claim during the recitation of their vows. This makes Elysia's knighthood different from many other Kingdoms, who often hold land claims reserved for knights in their parents' inheritance.

Individuals holding foreign knighthoods are generally raised to Knights of the Order of Elysia as well once they have become citizens.

All Knights swear an oath which abdicates any foreign citizenship, or loyalty apart from that of the Elysian Monarch. Knights of the Aegis also vow not to marry, though there is no such prohibition made upon those outside the Aegis.

Either men or women of adulthood (18 years of age) may be Knighted, but only by the Monarch of Elysia. Knights' names are preceded by the prefix "Ser" regardless of gender, and should best be referred to by this title than any other.

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