Koli Inarra

Physical Description

A lithe timberwolf clad sparingly in sheer silken vestments trimmed with gold thread. The faint canine musk surrounding him is mingled with the understated scents of incense and parchment, and he is never seen far from an old tome or three. The bookish appeal is completed by the wire-rimmed glasses resting upon his snout, seeming to intensify the gaze of his already lurid golden eyes. Though he is often quiet and reserved, he moves with a sureness of step that perhaps belies his meek nature as a mere façade.


Born to the wealthy Inarra family of Auffester, Koli exhibited magical potential and a voracious appetite for knowledge as young as adolescence. Classically trained by the members of House Inarra, he grew to become one of the best magi of his house.
However, unmoved by House Inarra's self-interested desires, he departed shortly after coming of age, leaving only a simple farewell note on his chamber door.

Striking out on his own, he wandered for years under the guise of a simple scholar, living off his wits, before finally gravitating toward Elysian City to help ease the suffering brought on by the war and occupation. To this end, he joined the Runebridge Guild, working under sanction to produce affordable remedies and poultices for the sick and wounded. Some even say that during the latter half of the occupation, a tall lupine figure in obfuscating robes was sometimes seen with sorties of Runebridge Fighters, churning the very earth below to rip at the foundations of garrisons and supply dumps vital to the occupying forces. Though suspicion weighed on him heavily in the twilight days of the occupation, the Treaty of Cherry and a lack of hard evidence of his participation absolved him from the charge of treason, if only by a hair's breadth.

After the war, Koli was engaged as a representative of the Runebridge Guild to other townships in Elysia, and was frequently involved in relief efforts for the many war poor and indigent. These actions, along with his involvement in the resistance, gained him the attention of his fellows in the Runebridge Guild, and in Winter 1585 he became the Archmage of the Elysian City Lodge of the Runebridge Guild by consensus. Soon came sweeping reorganization of the guild, some saying the remarkably young "whiz kid" forged a postwar future for the Guild.

Despite his high office, Koli continues his errands of mercy. Though usually sanctioned and officially funded, these ventures are often elective and paid for out of his own pockets — after all, he believes that one's worth is best measured by his gifts, not his possessions.

Theme Song:

Genesis - Land of Confusion
There's too many men
Too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go around
Can't you see, this is a land of confusion?

Misc Information

  • An expansive wardrobe, mostly consisting of finely-spun scholarly attire and gentleman's clothing
  • A bone scrollcase upon his belt, stuffed full of all manner of strange eldritch writings
  • Small, wire-rimmed reading spectacles
  • An alchemist's kit, consisting of many small burners and oddly-shaped glass containers
  • A pantry full of alchemical reagents, ranging from the common (mushrooms, animal galls) to the truly bizarre (ectoplasm, daemon skin)
  • A library of truly cyclopean proportions, on the subjects of alchemy, history, magicke, and war

Full Name: Koli Inarra
Gender: Male
Race: Timberwolf
Occupation: Archmage of Runebridge
Homeland: Auffester
Age: 29
Orientation: Bisexual
Affiliation: Runebridge Guild
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Deep purple-grey, nearly black
Fur: Dark grey
Eyes: Amber
Markings: Lighter grey undercoat

Magicke: Primarily Earth; some Air. Conducts clandestine Shadow-magicke studies, but this has not yet been revealed nor discovered IC.

Abilities/Skills: Competent herbalist, alchemist, and scribe. Speaks with a firm, rich cadence that commands respect. Possessed of genius-level intellect and a good grasp of the workings of the mortal mind.

Weaknesses: Prone to bouts of recklessly defiant and stubborn behavior in the face of a higher authority or power which he perceives as unjust. A skeptic by nature, ever questioning and probing even well-accepted theories and conclusions for weaknesses. Often overly-analytical as a result. Occasionally manic or obsessive when he discovers a fertile new line of research.

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