Lady Sari

Full Name: Sari Loiselle
Gender: Female
Occupation: Handmaid/Nanny
Homeland: Dunmoore
Age: A Lady Never Tells ;-)
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 100 lbs.
Race: Lapine
Hair: Neutral Gray
Fur: Mocha w/ Lavender Markings
**Eyes: Blue

She is quiet about herself. Her aches and pains, her past and her dreams. These things have always been and always will be private to her. She is soft-spoken anyway and only carries a heavy paw to the misbehaved. She was part of the Duvont household so long ago and helped raise the children. Particularly Shia and Lera Duvont. Many things happened since those happy days and the dark ones that followed. When Shia disappeared from Dunmoore, Sari went to find the young vulpine. It took some time but the motherly handmaid found her and has not left her proverbial side since, helping to take care of the children. Since the move to Elysian City, Sari has been more and more interested in helping other children learn and grow.

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