Lera Duvont

Name: Lera Duvont
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune/Vulpine
Homeland: Dunmoore
Occupation: Noble
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 86 lbs.
Hair: Maize
Fur: Cream
Eyes: Royal Blue

Very sickly and frail, not in the best of health.

Born into the noble Duvont family that ruled the green rolling hills of Dunmoore, she was a mere child when her uncle, Sebastian Duvont, assassinated his older brother the King and his family appointing himself ruler. Sending the rest of the Duvont into chaos as he had other family members who would challenge his rule put to death, including Lera’s father. Lera was too young to understand the politics and the seriousness, was not even fully aware of the carnage. This was in no small part in thanks to her mother, who sided with the uncle ina ll the matters. Her sister had fled the kingdom as Lera was then forced into marriage with her uncle to pact the remaining families into submission. Her mother died shortly after from an outbreak of a mysterious plague that swept the lands and almost as quickly disappeared.
Only recently has she returned to her sister's life, having been "rescued" by Celion Roulland's sacrifice. Her two children, Court and Yvette, with her handmaiden Sophe and Dunmoorian underground captain Devereaux, have all arrived on Elysian soil to stay.

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