Llynxiana was born into an upper-middle class family. Her father, Wilhelm inherited his wealth but slowly drank and gambled it away. Her mother, Pierta knowing that they would soon be broke saved a nice cushion for Llyn, keeping it a secret from her family. As Pierta and Llyn grew closer they rarely even saw Wilhelm. He spent his days drinking in the taverns and his nights rolling in the hay with strange women. Llyn was becoming nearly as beautiful as her mother but Piertas age was beginning to take its toll. By the time Llyn was in her 17th year she had many gentlemen suitors vying for her attentions. She was not interested in choosing just one, rather she enjoyed toying with quite a few and began to develop a reputation for herself.

Her mother was a very sad woman who felt she had wasted her life with the man who rarely slept next to her. Pierta wanted a much happier life for Llyn so one night a couple of months before she turned 19 her mother slipped into her room, woke her quietly and escorted her to the docks with a sack full of money. Llyn looked at her mother confused and hurt until her mother told her ‘Go my dear, travel the world but promise to return when you have a lifetime of stories for me.’ Llyn boarded the ship not even sure where it was taking her. When the ship docked she found herself in a land far to the east of Elysia. She remained in the bustling port city for a little over a year. Llyn didn’t dare to travel any farther inland since she didn’t have a firm grasp on the language and at least near the port the locals spoke a tongue that she was familiar with. Soon she grew bored with the city that smelled of orient spices and headed south.

The Journey

On the ship that was taking her south she met a mouse in his late 50’s, Aadesh and his daughter, Maina who was just a little older than Llyn. Aadesh, was very good sitar player and his daughter was good enough at following along with her tabla. Llyn fell in love with the sounds that their instruments made and decided to hop off the ship where they did. She found herself in a wondrous land, filled with colorful music, tasty food and beautiful clothes.

Llyn was particularly drawn to a style of dance she saw from the street performers, their outfits adorned with jewels and coins. She spent hours practicing while she danced to the music of her new friends Aadesh and Maina. Since the father and daughter duo spoke the language of the land she hired them and toured the country. She danced as a street performer to stretch the little money she had left, she was becoming rather good. Men from all walks of life would gather around her when she performed, dropping coins at her feet, she was even able to make enough to pay Aadesh and Maina to play songs for her to dance to. As the years passed Aadesh and Maina were more than hired help, or even friends … they were Llyns family and when the time had come to return home she begged them to come along and they agreed happily.

Art by Transik

Full Name: Llynxiana Faitel
Gender: Female
Race: Squirrel
Occupation: Street Dancer
Homeland: Elysian City
Age: 25
Orientation: Bisexual, male preference.
Affiliation: None
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair: Green
Fur: White
Eyes: Black
Markings: One thick black stripe along the entire length of her tail and smaller stripes on her thighs, sides, upper arms and cheeks.
Magicke: None, although it‘s been said that her ability to charm men out of their coins must be a bit of magic.
Abilities and skills: Twirling, undulating hips and chest, pick pocketing (only in dire situations)

Elysian City

When the ship docked at Elysian City Llyn jumped off and ran all the way to her house. She burst in the door to find most of the furniture and lavish decor was missing. Confused she called out to her mother and got no response, she frantically searched the house and finally found her still laying in bed, looking very frail. Pierta wanted to hear about her daughters adventures before she would tell her anything that happened while Llyn was away. After reminiscing for hours Llyn begged her mother to tell her what had happened, Pierta told her about how Wilhelm had made a bet he couldn’t afford and that the debt was paid with his life. Then she had became ill and since he had drank away all their money Pierta had to sell their belongings to pay doctors bills and cover the cost of living. The house bare and pantry empty Pierta prayed that Llyn had enough money to allow them to remain in Elysian City. Llyn was saddened by her mothers troubles and was unfortunately out of money, she had acquired a new skill however. The ability to dance for hour on end and charm wealthy men into emptying they pockets for her.

Aadesh and Maina loved the city and moved in with Llyn and her mother. Llyn and her hired band can be found almost daily performing near the large fountain in the city. While no one would consider Llyn wealthy she has managed to pay off all her mothers medical bills and restore her house to the glory that she remembered. Pierta is still too ill to work so Llyn continues perfecting her art and is making a nice living for herself. Since her return many of her suitors have married or moved away. There are still some that she has to fight off with her tambourine, playfully of course since they make up a large portion of her income. Llyn spends her free time flirting in the Shattered Emerald enticing the patrons to come and worship her dancing, leaving coin offerings of course.

Theme song: Ravi Shankar - Gat Kirwani

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