Lombard di Siena

Full Name: Lombard di Siena
Gender: Male
Race: Etruscan Shrew
Occupation: Chief Exchequer of Malthus & Fullo Elysian City
Homeland: Elysia
Affiliation: Malthus & Fullo
Age: 48
Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 5'9
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Grey
Fur: Charcoal
Eyes: Amber
Markings: Off-white colouration on chest and face

Magicke: None

Abilities and skills: Extensive knowledge and experience with counting houses, usury and investment.

Weaknesses: Regulation. Socialism.

Physical description:

An unassuming Shrew with a mile-wide grin but cagey eyes. He is dressed plainly most often, with a frugality that some find aggravating from someone in his position. He is only ever seen accompanied by at least one aide and a personal bodyguard, which should give you an idea of the way banking Lords are viewed by the general population.

History and Personality:
A shrew's face is one that many could not distrust on instinct. This has been of great use to di Siena and his banking family, which stretches back to the founding of Elysia and beyond. The di Sienas were bankers even in the old times, and when they arrived to work their magic with the Novari, in the process they created the powerful and influential Malthus & Fullo International Banking House. Lombard was trained since youth to take over the family business, and he is now one of many di Sienas to hold the rank of Chief Officer in branches of M & F. With their new branch in Elysian City, Lombard has found himself a nice home, and a boomtown ripe with the promise of greed and expansion. Make us proud, son.

Theme song(s): Gimme Some Money - Spinal Tap

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