Full Name: Luisa Arias de Castille
Gender: Female
Race: Spanish Lynx (Feline)
Occupation: Archaeologist, Part-time Teacher
Homeland: Kingdom of Castille
Age: 21
Birthday: May 5th, 1563
Orientation: Unknown
Height: 4'8
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Same tone as her hair, only difference being texture and length.
Fur: Deep golden brown
Eyes: Golden Yellow
Markings: Mainly spots, however some seem to stretch into stripes., all black, standing out against her fur.

Magicke: Knows about it mainly due to studying it as part of her archaeology, however has no powers of her own.

Abilities and skills: Extensive knowledge of ancient languages, archaeology, world history, as well as a core education of a great many subjects. Speaks several modern languages. Studied and practiced academic. Expert on Ancient ruins.

Weaknesses: Has no fighting skills other then swinging a large stick, and even that is poor. Rather shy if she isn't intrigued by something that could possibly do with history. Eccentric, academic type, more interested in the mysteries of the ancient world than in social graces. Extemely loud noises.

Excavating gear, couple changes of clothes, Personal Journal and writing implements.

Physical description:
Dark honey hued fur lay marred by drops of what could have been ink, even stretched into nearly rounded stripes at time, making up the marks of the lynx femme. Ears stretched towards the sky, tufts of longer black fur tipped each, making them stand higher then they truley were. Tail of unusual shorteness to other feline species often went nearly hidden beneath her tunics, though on occasion the cut holes to insert it through.

Two standards of clothing was worn, the main being her 'work' clothes, which consist of trousers and tunics, most of the patched and darned along the knees, elbows and hems. Her second is the few basic peasant gowns she wears when not going about her usual work, or if she's teaching.

History and Personality:
Luisa was raised in Castille, even as a child she knew what she wished and wanted and set her sights on that. To become an archaeologist, more specifically to travel to Elysia and study the ancient ruins, along with the Yanaka people. With the help of her parents she did indeed begin studying as a child for this dream of hers, finding an archaeologist willing to take a child of six along with them as an apprentice was a chore, and often her father went with to help make sure she didn't get herself into trouble. Her teacher instructed her on how to dig, how to find and identify things as belonging to the same era, and when they were doing the physical work with little mental, instructed her in languages. She thrived on this and found a use for her smaller frame, getting into the areas most grown adults couldn't, as she grew older and yet her frame didn't grow as much as expected she prided herself on remaining short the way most boys wishing to be strong tall fighters pride themselves on growing so tall. Remaining with her teacher years after he had taught her most of what he could she perfected her skill, researched Elysia on her own to learn its history from the time it was colonized, she even tried to find anything on it from a time before, with little luck in that aspect she decided it was time to go and meet the people of Elysia herself, and hopefully make a few friends along the way.

Luisa is rather shy, then again she didn't have much experience socializing as other children, one of the few things that can break her shell is history. Anything to do with it, including what most people would term as 'cultural' or 'traditional' aspects, tattooing, beading anything of the sort can pull her out and make her talk, or in some cases seem like a maniac. When she's feeling overly shy its not unknown for her to babble random facts to people. Once she'd grown used to people, and her shyness fades beneath that and the history fanatic exterior she's rather calm, interested at large in the world around her and everyday things. Always a willing ear to listen to others problems when she's gotten to know them, and even attempt dispensing advice, though it's not something she's good at.

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