Lùrdan Àbhachd

Full Name: Lùrdan Àbhachd Lus a Chròmchinn

Lus a Chròmchinn. Gaelic for daffodil this name was given to her by her owner when she was a kitten, partially because of her yellow fur but mainly because of her shyness (literal translation - drooping head). She doesn't use this name very often as she feels it belongs to a life she never lived.

Lùrdan Àbhachd is the name given to her by the wild cats of Alba.

Gender: Female

Race: Caracal

Occupation: Gypsy

Homeland: Alba (Scotland). Although her parents were of African origin Lùrdan was born in captivity on an estate owned by a minor Gaelic Laird, she would no doubt have ended up in a zoo or as an exotic pet if it was not for the bloody reformation that engulfed Alba at this time.

Age: 17

Orientation: Unknown although she may claim to be one thing or another depending on what suits her circumstance.

Affiliation: None.

Height: 4' 9"

Weight: 97lbs

Hair: N/A

Fur / Eyes /Markings: She once knew a shaman who thought in to existence this image of what she might look like were she to walk on four legs: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/images/caracal-caracal.jpg She is however anthropomorphic.

Her eyes are much darker than those in the pictures and in a certain light you might sink in to their obsidian green depths, however when the light fades they will appear to be as black as the darkest night.

Magicke: Healing - Like any gypsy Lùrdan will sell you a potion or lucky flower however she is more skilled than most when it comes to the truth behind healing. Through many years of shamanic practice she has learned to connect with the spirits of the ancients, she can channel this energy through her hands directly in to another being or in to the form of a potion. Her healing Magicke is strong however the side effects can be unpredictable for both her and the patient.

Abilities and skills: Stealth. The wild cats of Beinn Teallach used to joke that Lùrdan could take a chicken from the coop of the royal guards, she would smile and remain silent about the fact that she had already done this and she cooked it on their stove too.

Sleight of hand: Although not magicke as such it will seem this way when items vanish and reappear from the strangest of places.

Lùrdan is not physically strong or particularly good at combat however her biggest weaknesses are chewy sweets, catnip and men.

Physical description: Lùrdan often wears a long skirt and loose fitting blouse because she prefers comfort over looks, her eyes have the steely confidence of someone who grew up fast and forged their own path through life.

History and Personality: Mischievous and playful Lùrdan is a lover of dark humour, that’s not to say she’s a nasty person, quite the opposite. She is often contradictory in nature and will go to great lengths to save an insect from drowning in a puddle while having no qualms about hunting for prey.

She is sometimes confused by the voices in her head that have been the result of the shamanic practices that were learned while growing up in the feral mountains of Alba, however she speaks little of these times. She may now be a gypsy and traveller but some folk travel to remember and others travel to forget.

Theme song(s): Yay! Fiddles and drums \^.^/ There’s few things that can stop Lùrdan form dancing when she hears a reel or jig and drums are more than an instrument to a shaman, the beat is sacred and the drum is a pathway to the soul.

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