Mae Firewind

Mae Firewind is a White Siberian Tigress who appears to be in her early twenties. The earliest part of Mae’s life, that she remembers, is being raised in a brothel overlooking the great Sun City of Persia. Parentless through some tragedy or other, her lot in life was a typical affair; with no one to vouch for her, she fell into abject poverty and was sold into serfdom. When the nearby Sultanate Academy discovered the brothel and all its owners and staff were put to the sword (as is only just and proper), the tigress along with many other orphans were given over to the Academy as new conscripts. At this time she was given a name for the first time - Mae - and entered into the life of training and servitude that was a pet's existence.

The Sultanate Academy, the world’s foremost center of slave training and all matters of elegant servitude, proved to be a harsher place than its silk and gossamer décor might imply. Though she learned well the ways of the pet, excelling even at the Academy’s extremely high standard, Mae deviated from the structured plan for her life by wandering one fateful day into the Sorceror’s Cloister. The Cloister, a sequestered wing inside the Academy’s ancient catacombs, housed the school’s center for the training and control of pets discovered to be magickally-adept.

Mae wandered too deep, and witnessed a bizarre ritual of magicke not unlike that used in the creation of Golems – specifically, the tethering of disembodied spirits to mundane material, such as artifacts, or stone figures. She ran, but they cornered her. She stumbled in the dark and fell with her paws in something wet. As the guards’ torchlights came closer, she viciously grabbed the stock of one of them, and attempted to swing it in self defense but instead badly burned her palms, and dropped it into something wet on the floor. Thick, warm, and ruddy, it trickled from the nearby body of a recently deceased pet girl not unlike herself in most respects. In terror, she stumbled away from what the warlocks had done, unable to fathom why.

However when her burned paws touched the blood a second time, the powerful ley magicke collated naturally in the Cloister’s air reacted, using the blood as a reagent, as well as the pet’s own badly burned palms. From it uttered a sourceless flame in midair, which Mae, in her ignorance of magicke, did not recognize. The warlocks, however, knew it all too well – an ancient and fabled cognomen of two disembodied spirits; a ghost, and an Ifrit, locked in phantasmal conflict for ages, and so instrinsically bound they were as one entity. It was the very creature they had sought to summon up, capture and strike into two, but now tethered to the pet girl instead of their Archmage.

“ We must vouchsafe that this wicked thing not be unleashed upon the Academy, nor the world, for it is the age of Light now and the Light does not tolerate such vulgar creations in its sight” the Archmage spoke in the deep dark of the catacombs. “ And this lowly chattel should, too, be punished severely… Far beyond her handler’s weak ability to discipline.”

And so they came to use an old Wives Tale, and drove thick iron nails through the tigress’ palms. This action, meant to banish the Ifrit using Mae as a "doorway", did not have the desired effect. Tethered to the pet girl by an unexpected error in the ritual, the Ifrit let loose a bloodcurdling screech that reverberated throughout the catacombs and even the ornate halls above. Torn in two, its living mind was destroyed by the event, with only its vast font of power remaining.

The fiery potency of the Ifrit was not lost, however, but relegated to a state of substance without form. Lacking its destroyed consciousness, it requires only will. The ghost on the other hand, like a rat fleeing a sinking ship bonded with the consciousness of Mae and contributed a great portion of its skills and experience, but without its living memories.

Furious at the heathen tampering of the girl, the Archmage of the Cloister lashed out at Mae. But her body was too raw from the ritual, its power too infant and unchecked, and in a catastrophic, panicked outburst she unleashed a fiery torrent, like a burning cyclone, that consumed all the warlock onlookers, and all the surviving witnesses to the event, besides. Mae became unconcious for hours, but when she awoke she found there was no one to prosecute her involvement in the affair, and none to tell the tale. She crept back to her wing of the Academy, to be absorbed by months and years of guilt for her secret and deadly encounter, and the fiery dreams that haunted her as her only company.

(Years later, wisprr arrives, and senses something very secret, and special about Mae. She buys her no matter the cost on Mae's auction-day, perhaps just to discover why she magically "feels" so strange, and get to the bottom of it)

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Full Name: Mae Firewind
Alias: "Stripes"
Gender: Female
Species: White Siberian Tiger
Race: Fae

Occupation: Pet
Homeland: Fae
Birthdate: March 19

Height: 5’0”
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Red
Fur: White
Eyes: Arrayed shades of purple
Markings: Black tiger stripes

Magicke/Abilities: From the Ifrit, Mae’s paws have inherited the power to melt and shape metal. Her paws will not be damaged by heat, even though the rest of her will – this is because the powers are bonded to her hands by those old nail-wounds, much the way you might put a genie into a bottle.

From the Ghost's mind inside her own, she has inherited the skill and muscle memory of a being who was a world renowned blacksmith in life. A very great Iranian blacksmith, who they say once defeated a Demon King using only his ingenuity…
The practical upshot of all this is that Mae has the ability to easily understand any metal she is holding or touching, and can melt it using her fire-magicke and perform armscraft as well as a master artificer without the use of tools, or even a forge. Mae is very unusual in that most of herself is not magickal in nature, but her paws now are.

Weaknesses: Mae's magickal abilities are limited to her unusual Blacksmithing-by-paw talent, and not offensively capable by any means. Also, though Mae retains a great deal of pet training, her skills are over-specialized in this regard, and she knows no other life than that of a servant (with the exception of her bizarre spectral memories).

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