Magister's Guild

The Magister's Guild is a magickal organization operating in all major Elysian townships. A commercial magickal concern, they are comprised of experienced mages and consorts who sell their skills to private and governmental contracts. The fees for services rendered by the Magister's Guild are notoriously exorbitant, giving rise to the common opinion that they are at the disposal of only the most wealthy and affluent nobles.

The Glory Days of Magicke

In the early days of Elysia, the magicke-adepts of the Colonial Expeditionary Force settled among the Ancients ruins in modern-day Auffester. Meaning "Great Oak" in the Novari language, the city became the center of magickal practice and study in Elysia. From the many mages that lived there was formed the prestigious Runebridge College of the Magickal Arts.

In that time there were no mage guilds, but many of the country's best were trained at Runebridge, and banded together around their alma mater to aid in the Revolutionary War, as well as in the wars that followed. For nearly 2 centuries mages were private contractors in Elysia. Their services were priced on a sliding scale, and were able to be engaged by virtually anyone in need.

In 1573 a rogue mage called Raquin was inadvertently responsible for a tragedy in the city of Hardenport. Raquin, a undertrained practitioner of Necromancy, performed a feat of untested Black Magicke, and caused the city to be overcome by a mysterious plague. 273 citizens of Hardenport lost their lives, hideously transformed by the spell before their grisly end. The tragedy is now known as the Hardenport Marathon, and began widespread discussion of the need for the formation of registered Mage Guilds. Though Raquin died during the plague and the spell was never re-discovered, many felt that the unlicensed practice of magicke was the real problem. Some lawmakers argued that the formation of these guilds would help to ensure competence and safety among the practitioners of magicke, and would aid in weeding out practitioners of the Black Arts at the same time. No action was taken, however, until the War of 1579 and the following Occupation.

The War

During the 1579 War many of the mages of Elysia, the Runebridge alumni chief among them, fought valiantly for the defense of Elysia against the Arrym and Novari respectively. They caused heavy losses for the invading force, despite the war going badly for Elysia. This re-enforced a desire by the Novari to eliminate Elysian mage power, which was one of the greatest threats to their dominion over the country.

License and Registration, Please

As the war came to a close in 1580 and the Novari Occupation of Elysia began, the Novari were quick to take advantage of the commonly-held belief that mages should be organized and bound by law. They sowed the seeds of distrust in mages, reopening the old wound of the Hardenport Marathon and claiming many mages had run rampant during the war, killing more Elysians than Arrym. Soon after their garrisons were set up in most Elysian townships, the Novari enacted the Responsible Sorcery Act of 1580, which called for the formation of a national Guild for mages. It stated, simply, that only members of this guild could practice magicke anywhere in Elysia, and that if a citizen required the services of a mage they would be obliged to sign a contract with the guild. Naturally the Novari would be in charge of choosing their Archmage and their top brass. This created the [Magister's Guild, and their monopoly over all spellcraft in Elysia.

Numerous judicial disputes have arisen against the Magister's Guild by private and public citizens since their formation, with little success. This is often attributed to corruption between the guild and Elysia's Nobility and the Novari party. However, the Magister's have lost one legal battle recently, and a very big one indeed.

Since the Treaty at Cherry which defeated their legal monopoly, the Runebridge Guild has been a significant threat to their dominance. The guild has grown rapidly since the Treaty struck down the one-guild clause of the Responsibly Sorcery act. While troublesome, they have yet to cause the Magisters any true difficulty in their day to day operandum.

They are presided over by a council of eight senior mages and an Archmage who administers their highest office. Additionally, the Magister's Guild has a more conventional military arm of their organization, which is a large standing force concerned with their more everyday tasks.

Chapters of the Magister's Guild are known as Circles. Currently, the Archmage for Elysian City's Circle is Niccolo Madiora.

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