Majid is a tall Caracal of few words and many talents. Among the elite trained slaves of Persia's Sultanate Academy, he arrived in Elysia instantly granted freedom for the first time ever. Despite no longer being obliged to serve an owner, he now belongs to Xander Pride, the Merchant Prince of Elysian City, via a binding contract signed with his own free will. Though not one of Pride's harem, Majid serves another purpose in training new pets at the illustrious Pride Academy.


When he was very young, Majid's small Iraqi fiefdom was overtaken by the Persian Empire, and able-bodied children were taken to the Sultanate to decide their fate. Though it suited him little at that time, Majid was decreed to the lifelong servitude of a pleasure slave - a fate that would even dominate his destiny years later. In the early days of his training, Majid was a nightmare for his superiors - proud, stubborn, hot-tempered and disobedient, especially as his powerful body grew ever stronger with age. Majid would routinely be harshly punished and abused, but when these measures failed, his oppressors brainwashed him instead, subjecting him to repetitive conditioning, reinforced by torture, and frequently threatening to geld him for his disobedience.

More than simple aptitude for the tasks required of him, Majid was astonished to find that a love of servitude had begun to grow in him, set alongside his quarrelsome nature. One began to mute the other, in time, until he felt a calmness and resignation to his fate never before experienced.

His temperament cooled, his will to physically resist passed away, and his oppressive sayyids soon presided not over a broken drone, but a willful youth with a genuine love and fixation on servitude. It was an unexpected success.

Majid showed aptitude for the skills of a pleasure pet, but due to his size and brawn, it was decided he be trained in combat as well. As a result, Majid is studied extensively in over 5 different forms of martial arts, from a variety of world sources. It was of course forbidden for a slave to kill, however, and Majid's fighting abilities focus on non-lethal disabling and disarmament of an opponent. Majid was thought a perfect companion for some noble Lady, able to perform dutifully to her pleasure, but also defend her person martially.

Full Name: Majid Qadir Abdul-Elsayeh (mah-SZHEED)
Gender: Male
Race: Caracal
Occupation: Pet, Head Pet Trainer at Pride Academy
Homeland: Iran (Persian Empire)
Age: 26
Orientation: Bisexual with strong female preference
Affiliation: Pride Cartel

Height: 6'3
Weight: 197lbs
Hair: Dyed to a pale lavender coloration and scented with oils
Fur: Burnt-tawny
Eyes: Amber
Markings: White and black hairs on front of body

Magicke: Forbidden

Abilities and skills: Majid was trained at Persia's Sultanate Academy as a slave, and knows no other life. As a pleasure slave, he is knowledgeable in serving, protocol and the vast array of other techniques involved. In addition, Majid was a Sentinel slave, denoting he is practiced in both armed and unarmed combat, and can be employed as a bodyguard by his owner. Majid is confident, proud, and despite being foreign speaks perfect, unaccented Common-tongue in addition to Arabic and his native Farsi.

Weaknesses: Former slave, with many difficulties adapting as might result. Majid is from Persia, also, where slavery is still practiced, and many Elysians may look down upon this origin. Brainwashed, in a sense, by his harsh life of slave training, closing his mind off to many things other than the service and defense of his owner. Non-lethal fighter only: slaves having been forbidden to kill, his training has focused around disabling and disarmament.

Physical description:
Caracal; it could be seen in deep sentinel's eyes of brilliant amber, and long, tufted ears for the windswept desert. His stark body took no imagination to behold - tall, lean, with sinew for bursts of speed and power. More decorated than clothed, in truth - golden bangles, platinum henna swirled below his watchful eyes, uncommon leather sandals on graceful footpaws, and only a silken slave-wrap about powerful thighs to conceal his nakedness. Foreign oils scented his painted, sunburnt fur and braided hair, aiding the air of ancient times and old Gods he bore with him. At the throat, a silver "P" on a collar of hard virgin leather.

Elysian Pride

The Sultanate Academy, world-renowned for both its cruelties and the exceptional quality of its "graduate" slaves, is known far and wide, particularly by Nobles all across the earth. When it came time for Majid to graduate and be auctioned, he stood bound, naked and beholden to the audience, but was unconcerned for the presence of his chains and held his head in pride. The bidding was feverish, but a foreigner - a male much to the disappointment of Majid - massively overbid the rest, and with three strikes of the slaver's gavel he was forever remanded into the property of that mysterious stranger, who led him in chains to his ship nearby. A long, cold sea voyage began, longer by magnitudes than any journey he had ever imagined, and all the while no one would divulge their destination, or of his fate.

This stranger bore him to Elysia, where he was made a gift, in secret, to Yasmin Pride, daughter of Xander Pride. Xander, a notorious former gangster now legitimated to the Nawab, or Merchant Prince of Elysian City, had mercilessly persecuted slavers in Elysia many times before, serving as a harsh check and balance against the Atlantic slave trade. When he discovered the news of his daughter's illicit activity (within a matter of hours) the lion was incensed - had his own daughter committed the one capitol crime of his organization? Unable by the bonds of blood to maintain his strict policy of hanging slavers, Xander nonetheless disowned his daughter, cast her out of his house, and turned the slave over to the Peace Keepers to decide his fate.

The duty officer asked for an oath, and Majid dutifully swore fealty to Elysia, as he had been taught to do when asked by any foreigner of any nation of the world. However, when the vows were proclaimed and signed, the officer shattered the silence with a simple statement " Majid of Persia. You are hereby made Citizen of Elysia, and freed from your bondage by Her Royal Majesty Queen Gia the First".

Never having known freedom, this revelation did not have the desired effect upon Majid. He wandered the streets of the cold, dirty, industrial boomtown of Elysian City, penniless, friendless, and not at all dressed for the winter clime. After a few nights in the bitter cold, (and terribly incensed to have his oiled, perfumed, and decadently groomed fur sullied by all manner of soot and mud), Majid overhead some whispers about the Kenyan gangster who had cast him out… Nawab, they called him - at last a title that Majid was familiar with! Providing a familiar touchstone of culture, this title resolved the young pet in what he should do. He rushed back to the home of Xander Pride and fell to his knees to politely beg an audience. When there he performed the twelve greetings, a tradition in his kingdom meant to convey the maximum amount of submission and deference (were someone refused acknowledgement following the twelve greetings, they were obligated by custom to take their own life on the spot). Entirely ignorant of this tradition, Pride was nonetheless impressed.

" My Lord, this one is a guest in Your lands, set free, but cast out by the noble laws of Your lands. this one humbly begs to be allowed in to Your service."
" My service?", rumbled Xander Pride. " I don't lie down with boys… And those of my men that do don't fancy boys wearing perfumes, and ladies underwear."

As a raucous thunder of laughter shook the audience Hall of Pride's palatial home, Majid swallowed hard, and bowed politely. But Pride, always the opportunist, had more in mind than to cast him out again.

Day Job

Pride learned of the reputation of the Sultanate Academy, and decided not to let Majid's unique talents go to waste, setting him over the Pride Academy and making him chief trainer of all new students.

In the early days of Majid's stay in Elysia, many found his rigidity and unquestioning nature to be somewhat unnerving, due to the nation's difficult past with slavery. Though he remains many of the psychological trappings of a slave, "Maj" has come to relax a little, and understand the consensual nature of his trade, as it is in Elysia. Lacking a surname as all Sultanate slaves, he adopted "Abdul-Elsayeh" or "servant of Elysia" as his surname, a lasting testament to his devotion to his adoptive kingdom.

Majid has his own quarters in the Academy building, modest, but bewildering for someone used to sleeping on cushions next to other chattel.

Misc Information

Not many belongings of his own, but oversees the purchase and maintenance of new pet training equipment in his role as Head Trainer at the Pride Academy.

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