Masoner's Guild

The Masoner's Guild is a franchise of trade guilds for craftsfurres and construction workers of all kinds. These guilds have been around since the early days of organized construction work, some saying as early as the 10th century in Europe. In modern-day Elysia they can be found in all major cities and townships in the nation, much as they are in most nations of the world.

Masoner's Guilds jealously guard the secrets of their trades. They engage in highly ritualistic behaviour in very secret meetings, and this is thought to be an extension of the need to keep their methods private. Members of a Masoner's Guild commonly wear colour-coded aprons denoting their craft, and some say have secret signals, passwords and pawshakes that denote true members of a guild.

In many cities, the Mason's Guilds function as both worker's unions and a political lobby groups. They frequently push local governments to hire Guild workers only, and are not at all fond to non-guild workers.

In Elysian City's Office of Public Works, all city construction is required by law to be contracted out to Guild workers only.

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