Born of the rare and dangerous forms of Daruni, the fyremare, she received special treatment and training by her choice. Mostly of a more harsh kind. Masochistic and deadly beings, the fyremare are one of the few pureblood Daruni left in the world. She even retains the unsettling voice that all her brethren once had.


When one of the special breeds of Daruni are born, it's no small matter. There is not a single instance where one of the special greater Daruni subspecies weren't involved in something big or important. They demand respect from their peers, Daruni or otherwise. Mifurey was no different. Her earliest memories are of her intense training with academy masters in Vanir along with a fyremare mentor who taught her to understand and use her gifts as well as how to cope with their side effects, physical and social. Like most of the special breeds, she took to it all like a duck to water.


She served in Vanir under constable Morgana Petra as a Peace Keeper Jaeger, who earned her reputation as a work-machine. She never took days off, she never complained, she never requested anything unless it was more hours to work, she did her job and did it impressively well. As a Jaeger, she caught a great many bounties as well as doubled as one of the precinct's Enforcers for several years.

Arrym Invasion

With such a powerful land force already present in Vanir to protect it, it was decided to bolster Elysian City as it was both an important seaport as well as its then refurbished airport. Without complaint or issue, Arturo Gravarius had Mifurey, as well as several others, transferred to Elysian City's precincts. Under Eli Sykes, she became an additional Enforcer where she fought valiantly during the battles to keep the Arrym invasion out of the sity.

Novari Occupation

She remained in Elysian City where she was double posted as still an Enforcer as well as precinct guard, replacing Granseal Petra (ironically enough, her former constable's brother) who went on to become a guard for the City Hall. She was invited to join the Xantha squads that hunted the Resistance, but she felt honorbound to the Keepers instead.

Art by Ilith

Full Name: Mifurey Valvios
Alias: Helltower, Hellfire
Gender: Female
Race: Daruni Fyremare
Species: Unicorn (Equine)

Occupation: Peace Keeper Jaeger
Birthplace: Vanir, Elysia

Height: 9' 4"
Weight: 380 lbs.
Fur: Black
Hair: Magical Fire
Eyes: Yellow Fire



The Factions

She never took sides during the conflict between the Novari occupation and the Elysian fundamentalists. And like many of her comrades, continues to serve in Elysian City as she had the last few years.

Misc Information

  • Long Spear "Eddy" and Hatchet "Garrity"
  • Standard black Elysian City Peace Keeper armor
  • Black shield with Peace Keeper coat-of-arms
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