Misty Hood

Governor: House Vengalil, but under the direct jurisdiction of Tuatha de Dannan Chancellor Engenulf Bexley

Population: 3500 faeriefurres,

Protection: Elysia's only faeriefurre Peace Keeper precinct, and many say by dread magicke as well

Location: Northernmost tip of the Auffester peninsula

Misty Hood is a grassed-over ancient volcano at the tip of the Northwestern Auffester peninsula. Though it has not been active for centuries, its magickal properties have been great interest to the mages of Auffester for as long as there have been settlements there.

A settlement at the base of the mountain has sprung up bearing the same name "Misty Hood", populated primarily by faeriefurre Tuatha de Dannan. The fae there play host, however, to a large community of nomadic gypsies of Western Europe. It is uncertain why the Dannan choose to allow the traveler-folk to reside there. Among the people is a sizable militia with has uneasy relations with the nearby Auffester Guard and the bannermen of House Vengalil.

Misty Hood has historically been the "capital" of Elysian faeriefurres since the brief reign of King Allonzo, who granted them the lands to the result of some controversy. The settlement however is now also the capital for gypsy-folk Kingdom-wide, by the permission of the ruling Dannan.

Landmarks: Mostly a collection of small adobe and sod-roofed houses with a few converted manors. They have begun to develop their harbor as well. Much of the town is still stuck out on long wharves overlooking the warm sandbars of picturesque Auffester.

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