Moon Tempest

Full Name: Moon Tempest
Gender: Male
Race: Vulpine
Occupation: Bartender (Shattered Emerald)
Birthdate: November 18th, 1561
Age: Early-20s
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair: Blue
Fur: Orange (Very shiny)
Eyes: Blue

Abilities: Healing, and shielding abilities. Seems to have a calming affect upon most others. Empathic.

Weaknesses: Partially illiterate.

History: Moon Tempest was born and abandoned as a cub in the dejected streets of a small European town; left to be picked up by a slave with the given name Kitsune Tempest. Growing up quickly in the household of his mother's mistress, a charming and surprisingly kind noble who gave her slaves everything, except freedom; he still never learned to read, or write. However, he wasn't particularly liked by the rest of the household and after the death of his adoptive mother, longing for his true family, he escaped.
So his journey in the free world began, searching for any trace of his original family or at least finding a new place to call home. His travels lead him to Elysia and into a group he would come to feel a part of. He was given a job as a bartender at the Shattered Emerald by it's owner and operator, Airika Nerys, while being taught new skills as well as literacy by the philanthropic noble, Aedina Kensen.

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