Nara Vale


Born to the House of Vale, one of the few noble Daruni houses in Elysia, she was raised to be an overachiever and while she did so to honor her parents wishes and the convictions of Daruni duty and honor. However, she isn't naturally a hard worker, the type that would fit under a motto "if it's enough, it's enough". This part of her personality shows in her personal day to day dealings, but never with regards to her family or the Keepers. While as nearly as emotionless of the last generation of Daruni, she does have a flirtatious streak that she's shared with some others like Balestarius and Katya.


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Full Name: Nara Vale
Alias: n/a
Gender: Female
Race: Daruni
Species: Unicorn (Equine)

Affiliation: Elysian City Peace Keepers
Occupation: Peace Keeper
Birthplace: Aesir, Elysia
Age: Early-30s
Birthdate: September 3rd, 1550

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 189 lbs.
Hair: Black
Fur: Black
Eyes: Black

Arrym Invasion

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Novari Occupation

During the occupation, she stayed on with the Keepers in service under loyalty, but does dislike the deeds that were done by them during those days. While she isn't vocal about any of it it, it has hurt her relationship with Constable Sykes and many others within the precinct.

The Factions

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Misc Information

  • Standard black Elysian City Peace Keeper armor
  • Long Sword "Dash" and bow "Huntress"
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