The Royal Navy is the primary naval branch of Elysia's military force. The first ships in the Kingdom's control were small frigates captured from the Novari, in many cases simply handed over by defectors during the First Novari War. When the Peace Keepers were formed shortly following the Revolution, these ships were included in their jurisdiction, however it was eventually decided that coastal defense was better left to a branch of dedicated career sailors. This created a rift between Peace Keeper and Naval adjuncts and officers that remains, to some degree, to this day.

It was King William who commissioned the creation of the Royal Navy under much competing pressure from naval merchants, nobles, and Peace Keepers. As a result, the Navy men of Elysia generally revere "King Billy", often drunkedly, and celebrate his triumph over the social pressures that would have prevented the Navy's creation.

Being an island nation with strong maritime culture, it took little time for the Navy to flourish. To this day, there is arguably no more regal, proud and stoic branch of any Elysian government (save the Nobility, of course), and Navy men and officers know this. Though much of their duties are defensive, by the peaceful mandates set about by the original Peace Keeper agreements, they still remain a formidable force, and it is said that no monarch, senate, or noble can survive without at least some favour on the part of the Elysian Royal Navy.

The Royal Navy has been stationed in Elysian City, the southeast port town, since shortly after its creation. It has been a large factor in both crime and economic benefit. The Grand Admiral of the Elysian Navy forms one member of the High Command, a group of military leaders who report to the Crown in times of war and peace alike.


The most recent Novari War has caused considerable casualties to the Navy. Many ships were sabotaged in the initial attack and in events leading up to it. In addition, the Navy lost many of its best and brightest young men at the Hardenport Massacre, an infamous event that involved the slow poisoning death of the 3rd Fleet, rumours generally implicating the Novari sleeper agents that were present in Elysia prior to the war. The loss of Naval strength allowed the Novari to gain a foothold for reinforcement, and quickly filled the country with Novari soldiers and weaponry.

Though many ships remain, the Navy and its High Command are struggling to regain their losses from the War. Though public support is considerable and emotional, what they truly need is volunteers and experienced officers.
The current leader of the Elysian Royal Navy is Grand Admiral Shinjo Takagawa, based out of Elysian City's naval headquarters. A formidable tactician from Lodis Island and decorated war hero, Takagawa is among the most celebrated and fearfully respected of Elysian warriors, and is thought responsible for more Novari and Arrym casualties than any other single individual in Elysia.

His second-in-command was Garantius, the subcommander of the Southern Province's Navy reserve, though he was killed in the line of duty during the recent war, leaving Takagawa without a likely successor.

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