The Nawab is the de-facto leader of all the Cartels in an area. Under the circumstances of relative order, a Nawab will often exist.

Nawab or "Merchant Prince" is an unofficial but nonetheless binding title applied to the decision maker above all of a city's or even a region's criminal activity. Though the criminal element still carries on with their business, the Nawab has the power to brutally enforce his whim on any of it, offering immunity to certain potential targets, setting prices on heads, and generally prosecuting those who refuse to see his will done with extreme prejudice.

The first example of a Merchant Prince in Elysian City is relatively recent. There are rumours of one moment in distant history when the criminal element was organized under a Nawab, but the only one in recent memory has been Xander Pride. Pride, a legitimate merchant's son who became a powerful figure even before the war, staged a bloody underworld coup to bring the cartels under his yoke. He is now the most feared figure of the underworld, possibly across all of Elysia (considering its cartels are the strongest in the land).

Typically, the Nawab is the head of his own cartel, which is in turn the ultimate authority above all other Cartels. The Nawab often grants his commission to criminal organizations, making them early versions of what could eventually grow into a Family or Cartel. It is somewhat chilling to think that all the cuthtroat elements of the city are united in one criminal empire, but their are surprisingly many benefits associated with this consolidation of power.

Since Xander Pride became the Nawab of Elysian City, violent crime has plummeted. Though isolated cases of gang war and destabilization do occur, many of them are thought to be done with the blessing of the Nawab, and therefore done quickly, quietly and without hesitation. Much of the criminal element under a Nawab is more based upon smuggling, prostitution and other non-violent crime. Most of the revenue the Cartels collect is from each other, in the form of upward-payments; the lower Cartel member always "kicks up" to the next highest, until the money reaches the Nawab.

Additionally, Xander Pride has been a force against the slave trade in Elysia. Being an enthusiast for the D/s lifestyle, he has been instrumental in both pulling strings to expose the trade, and simply torturing the perpetrators to death without getting the authorities involved.

The Nawab sometimes visits the Shattered Emerald in Elysian city, but generally resides in his office in the affluent Northeast quarter.

There is no indication of any major threat to Xander Pride as the Nawab, but the Factions era has brought many new interests to the table; Novari, Arrym and otherwise. Though Pride has handled this new dynamic well, he has had to resort to violence befitting his earlier days several times in recent months; something he is not particularly happy to do.

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