Mostly common to Stara Ziema, where they often live in pairs amongst recluse mountains near other clans' territory, they are best known by common folk for their existence in China. Living in mountains or near isolated bodies of water, Nianju are known to come from their lairs to satisfy their feeding needs and sexual lusts, which aren't so dissimilar to being the same thing. The Nianju are spiritual creatures, a perversion of the Fae, that feeds on emotional and Magicke energies rather than physical food alone. Though they do need a certain amount of physical food (often taken in the forms of herbs, salads, and teas), their bodies need only a little of such things to retain healthy physical form, provided their other needs are met. That being said, in order to actually survive, they must feed on spiritual energies to upkeep the strain on their physical form and mental state. Starving Nianju will quickly lose body mass and become brittle, as well as losing mental acuity and strained with forgetfulness. To feed, they only need to be near others who are experiencing various positive emotions. This generally means they are particularly fond of the presence of younger folk and children as well as participating in the acts of love. A combination that has given many a Nianju an often misunderstood impression.
However, this need to be around playful stimulation does not lessen their dangerousness. They are often skilled fighters and many are likewise talented mages, using their lengthy lifespan and amounts of time in solitude to further themselves in such ways.

They are confusing creatures at best. They aren't very sociable, who despite crowds of any form, and in fact, great amounts of noise breaks their concentration from feeding, not to mention an annoyance. This has spawned the legend that they are afraid of loud noises. While inaccurate, it is quite often true that even a Nianju in combat will retreat or avoid places where there is a great deal of noise.

There are two variety of Nianju: The Fu and the Rui. Originally, they were separate clans in the Stara Ziema who came from a common ancestry, even though the Fu are wolves and the Rui are lions. It was not the only difference, however. The Fu believed furrekind was a commodity to be plundered as the Rui thought of themselves as benevolent gods who were charged with guarding and nurturing their food source. Be not mistaken however, as both clans find the rest of the world to be their inferior and thus has led to many events of cruelty and bloodshed. The Rui are however more positively referred to in the annals of history.

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Species: Wolf (Fu) or Lion (Rui)
Family Type: Loners
Homeland: Stara Ziema and Western China
Habitat: Any

Life Span: Immortal
Height: They vary greatly from 4' to 9' tall.
Weight: They vary depending on size, but generally 5-20% heavier than a normal furre their height.
Fur: Usually pure white or pure black. Color does not define alignment.
Hair: Same as body fur.
Eyes: Varies. Common variants are blues, red, yellows, blacks, grays, and whites.
Appearance: (in progress)

Innate Abilities

Natural: (in progress)
Magicke: (in progress)
Psionic: (in progress)

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