Niccolo Madiora

Full Name: Niccolo Madiora
Gender: Male
Race: Brown Falcon
Occupation: Archmage of Elysian City
Homeland: Elysia
Birthdate: April 1
Age: 47
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150
Hair: Brown
Fur: Brown (Feathers)
Eyes: Yellow
Markings: Patterned and mottled feathers- white/brown/black

Advanced conjuring, weather-weaving, divination, advanced missile spells, defensive wards. One of the most powerful magicians in the country.

Sleight. Cannot withstand physical combat.

Personal Equipment:
Archmage's robes. Prismatic stave.

Niccolo Madiora's career was chosen for him at birth. Influential mage parents provided him with the bloodline to legitimately ascend to the top of the academic circles, but it wasn't enough to stop there. A knack for manipulation meant a fast graduation from research and study to the Guild world, where magicke is for hire and made to order. He quickly ascended the ranks of the Aesir mage guild before coming home to Elysian City. Disinterested in nobility -and- chivalry, his only goal seems to have been power and position.

Since his ascent to the Archmage rank and position as head over the Elysian City Magisters Guild, Madiora has made a very aggressive bid for monopoly. There are bar stories about those who have crossed him, which are told a bit like classic mythology. To the untrained ear they sound like Gods crossing swords and lightning bolts. To be feared.

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