Nicole Vega

Full Name: Nicole Vega
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pet
Age: 17
Height: 4’ 6"
Race: Feline
Hair: Golden Blonde
Fur: Light Cream
Eyes: Cashmere Blue
Homeland: Furabia

This demure kit started off her life as an orphan, living off the darker streets of the Furabian slums, living in the back alleys and sneaking into the taverns and clubs for food until one day invited openly by a kind stranger, introducing her to the lifestyle of a pet. Soon she finds herself outside in the streets again, to be found and taken in by a kind faerie who lead her to ?????]. Finally a home with its many wonderful and sometimes eccentric denizens. Becoming a kidnapped victim of a hideous Redcap, a collared pet to the Lord of the Realm, and several emotionally charged events, she finally returned to the arms of the faerie friend and became her pet, never regretting it since. Now a beloved pink silk to her mistress fae, Page Tigris. She moved to Elysian City with her Mistress to stay close to friends, enjoying the quiet laid back atmosphere.

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