Not Avansi

Full Name: Avansi N. Retreati
Gender: Femalish!
Race: Tabby cat
Occupation: Hockey puck
Homeland: Freedonia
Age: Timeless
Birthdate: July something. She usually keeps track by celebrating as soon as she gets a sunburn.
Height: 8'6"
Weight: 2lbs
Hair: Some
Fur: Depends. Are you coming over?
Eyes:** 2

Personal Equipment:
String, paper clips, attacks using a fast-spinning adamantium beany propeller. Fear.

Avansi is a mystery wrapped in a tortilla, and a highly unusual one. Everybody knows where she comes from, except for her. When she was a child, she lived a chaotic life, until one day a band of Marauders built her village around her and hired parents for her, taking sympathy on the child who was constantly covered in ketchup.

She now makes her home in Elysian City, usually by leaning on things and holding a newspaper over her head. " Home is where right angles are" she often quips. Known for her wit, she wears a hat.

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