The Occupation was a period of Novari control of Elysia between 1580 and 1582 immediately following the War of 1579.

By 1580, the Arrym invasion force had crippled much of Elysia's standing government, and many more were accused of cowardice and incompetence. The Novari used this as an overture to their entrance to the Elysian Capitol, ostensibly to "root out turncoats" and defend the Queen's rule where their own parliament had failed.

The Arrym, however, surrended to the Novari immediately after the sacking of the Aesir. This meant there were tens of thousands of foreign troops in Elysia, and without a war to fight. The Novari demanded restitution from Elysia for their aid in the war, and many were eager to give it. Gradually, the Novari-sympathizing officials they had planted in various positions moved the government toward full collaboration with the Novari. They removed many Peace Keepers from office, and forced officials from the previous government out of public service or underground altogether. Many were falsely imprisoned as traitors to Elysia while the true traitors took over the country.

For the Elysians, Yanaka, and other inhabitants of Elysia island, this was a very difficult time. A fully collaborationist nobility in the north, and a police state in the south, their country was a dark shadow of what they had lost. In time, hatred of the Novari, now fueled as well by feelings of betrayal, eventually inspired insurrection. In 1581, an armed force of Elysian citizens and former Peace Keepers stormed the Garrison at the village of Cherry. They routed Novari forces there, and their example led to the resurfacing of The Resistance, a popular movement of people committed to ousting the Novari regime. The Novari, with their Arrym allies, denounced the movement as a terrorist organization, but gradually they began to break the death grip of the Occupation.

The Xantha, once allies of Elysia in the invasion war, now turned their allegiance to the Novari. In the interests of "peace" and "stability", the Xantha created terrifying Death Squads that sowed fear and indiscriminately arrested and executed citizens in a campaign of shock and awe. As the Resistance fought the Novari yoke of control hard, news spread to other townships, and its numbers bolstered. Soon the force of the Resistance and Occupiers seemed evenly matched. For long months they engaged in a bloody war of attrition, and before long the citizens became disillusioned with both sides.

As the countryside was devoured in carnage, the Novari acted upon popular opinion and called a parlay with the Resistance. A meeting took place in the historic village of Cherry, and under extreme pressure to take the road to peace, the Resistance signed a treaty with their dire enemies, ending the war finally and forming a Coalition Government among all the disparate interests of the war: Novari, Elysian, Xantha, Yanaka and Arrym. This is generally referred to as the Post-Treaty Period, and is the modern period of RP in EC.

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