Governor: Lord Savas Sekiz, Baron of Olympia

Population: 20,000

Protection: House Sekiz

Location: Some 200km south of Aesir, nestled into a generous outcropping in the mountains.

History: A new Barony, Olympia was originally under the jurisdiction of Aesir but necessitated its own autonomy after the settlement grew. Largely the result of a wonderful resting spot and it's trade economy growth, Olympia was briefly a boomtown, but experiences a steady stability in modern times thanks to it's almost Las Vegas style standing within Elysia with it's plethora of resorts, gambling halls, entertainment centers, and debatably some of the best natural hot springs in the entire world.

Though many nearby Noble Houses petitioned to merge the region into their own jurisdictions it was decided that the Turkish royal family of Sekiz should have the Barony for their aid in European diplomacy during the reign of King Devonus. Though they have made great strides, questions of integrity arise as their political war with staunch rivals House Lazarro heats up, and rumours of connections with cartel interests begin to show their face.

Landmarks: Large baggataway stadium where championship finals are traditionally played. Dozens of posh and prosperous entertainment facilities. Boasts the largest D/s training guild in Elysia, though was marred after the Novari and Arrym briefly turned it into a slave trading hall during the Occupation.

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