Ondorujin is a term for the nomadic, gypsy like group seen in most cities on Elysia Island. Literally "music people" from an eastern language, the connotation has come from the inordinate number of travelling musicians in their ranks. They organize in large convoys of caravans that travel from city to city. A merchant culture, they are traders, bards and solicitors of business wherever clients can be found.

Comprised mostly of Yanaka, they are not a tribe in the traditional definition, but rather a group that arose around the time of the first colonization. A great deal of interbreeding has occurred between the original Yanakas of this group and Colonial Elysians. As a result, modern Ondorujin share both Colonial and Yanaka ancestry. There are a great many of this group that are far removed from the original, Yanaka, canid species. Their ranks include most every species of Elysia Island's post-Colonial society.

Unfortunately, the Ondorujin have met with some hostility from xenophobic Colonials and Yanaka alike. Some darker periods have included laws and violence set against the peaceful Ondoru people. Nonetheless, they are a prominent fixture in urban Elysian life.

Notable Ondorujin include the members of Kodora's Troubadours, a popular travelling group of actors and musicians. They make appearances in all major Elysian cities throughout the year, particularly in the summers.

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