Other Guilds

Other Guilds are Guilds other than Elysian City.

They have several distinguishing characteristics. If you spot any of these in your immediate surroundings, you may infact be in an Other Guild and should immediately quit the scene and make haste for Elysia's fine and fertile shores.

Bad roleplayers

Roleplayers that only roleplay with their OOC friends' characters.

Irresponsible and dangerous ignorance of BDSM (Play with fireā€¦)

Inflexible rigid continuities so you can't hope to do anything creative with your own character

Nonexistent continuities so you can't actually roleplay anything

Abusive staff that make unrealistic demands

Patches stolen from Tibia only with penises and breasts drawn on avatars

So need we say more? Come to Elysia! Our friendly helpful staff prefer involvement than blind adherence to rules. There is literally nowhere else in Furcadia where furres can come to play Dom/sub relationships (NOT the type they have in "The Slave Cages" et alia) with the addition of a rich and diverse story and active characters. This is a strictly-for-adults Imaginarium-style roleplay world.

Further, we believe in an open narrative and that the players should advise the Rah on all matters.

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