Queen Gia

Her Majesty, The Queen!

Born, bred and raised to rule, Queen Gia's sole occupation from a very young age has been the administration of Elysia's laws, nobles, and military strength and to safeguard the liberty of her people. All of her ancestors in the last 200 years have been Kings, and a few Queens as well. No Queen of Elysia has reigned nearly as long or through nearly as difficult times.

Not since William the Noble has any monarch had such difficult decisions to make, but where William was considered compassionate and warm, Gia's public appearance is markedly more distant and impartial than that most revered of her ancestors. She cultivates the conception that she is wise and stoic in her decision-making, and neutral in her regard for Nobles, mercantile interests, and common people.

During the War of 1579, Gia reigned through her most difficult of times. She refused, at every stage, cooperation with Novari forces, and during the Occupation was forced to flee Elysia for her defiance. Once the Treaty was signed and the war ended, Lord Troilus of House Eretor reigned as High Steward in her stead.

Rumour has it Her Majesty is still in Europe. Some fear her dead, or worse possessed by cowardice. Some, however, are more fearful of her safe return - some say the rage of Gia is, when rarely provoked, unlike any other monarch. The latter opine that her return would bring about a reprisal that would devastate the Novari and shatter the uneasy peace of the Treaty period. Will Gia bring Civil War?

Despite having servants to tend to her every imaginable need, Gia retains a good figure by hunting, hawking and some occasional exercise. Always to be found in the most impeccable and grand attire, with the jewels on either of her paws priceless enough to buy nations, and that around her royal neck enough for continents. Despite this grandest of Elysian opulences, Gia was once seen in the crude matters of her father's Army, performing her mandatory service as a Captain in many foreign skirmishes.

Full Name: Gia Marie Xavier Aucoin
Alias: Her Sovereign Majesty
Gender: Female
Species: White-tailed deer

Affiliation: [[Great Seal]] of Elysia
Occupation: Queen of Elysia (in absentia)
Orientation Bisexual
Birthplace: Aesir, Elysia
Birthdate: February 28th

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: You'd really ask the Queen her weight?
Fur: Tawny
Hair: Black
Eyes: Amber
Markings: White w/ spotted colouration

Magicke: None

Abilities:Really, really, really rich. Gia was trained from a young age to rule and has taken great pains to be knowledgeable of her peoples' wants and needs, as well as the politics of nobles and the waxing and waning of the economy.

Weaknesses: Fiery temper. Democracy.

Theme song(s): Queen - Killer Queen

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