Queen's Consort

The Queen's Consort is a public office in Elysia. The Consort is the Queen's personal pet, and is a spiritual leader for the pet caste throughout the country. He or she often performs ceremonial duties and is a symbolic leader for the submissive lifestyle.

Although the Consort is a pet, his or her duties are more to the office of the Consort than to their master/mistress. This is designed to prevent scandal - it began with Elysia's third King, who identified as a submissive in his private life and came to be known through some scandal at that time. In respect for the diversity of every furre's nature, this separation has been established.

The Consort has mostly ceremonial duties, however the Consort is afforded the unique political power to advise and veto candidates for the Duchies. In this way, pets have a representative in the process of Ducal selection.

There is no current Consort of Elysia. Candidates are being reviewed.

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