Ravi Custer


Ravi is a North American raccoon of limited means, and is obliged to reinforce the stereotypes; resourcefulness, digging through trash cans, and generally sticking around long after anyone wants him to. The child of Vedas tenant farmers of no particular note, Ravi lives in Elysian City, seeking a hot meal once in awhile, a place to stay, although is possibly on a homicidal vendetta.


Born somewhere in the foothills of the eastern Cap Mountains, Ravi’s parents were about the simplest folk you could imagine. " Salt of the earth" didn't quite cut it for the Custers - perhaps "les miserables" would. Sharecroppers without a farm of their own, life was difficult even when the small family had a pittance of income to rely on. Ravi's mother, often sick with fever, relied on her father, who was a most unlikely candidate to be relied upon, to say the least.

When their drunken “marriage” of convenience finally fell through, Ravi was out on his own, and somehow survived the trip as a very young boy to the nearby cities to look for work. Ten years old and dirt poor, the young raccoon learned not to be picky about where from and how his next meal came, benefiting from never having been taught the shame in begging.

Though some childish grit and ingenuity survived the lad into his adulthood in Elysian City, it seemed his bad luck had returned, and now he’s mostly unemployed and drunk, carrying around his belongings in a decommissioned Elysian Navy satchel. Ravi was in fact briefly enlisted in the Navy, but was discharged when his comprehensive lack of education became apparent. "Practically feral", he reports his superior officer to have said of him, though the rest of the story might cost you a few coppers.


Ravi has never had a true relationship, a steady job, or a friend that was worth more than an enemy. His constant occupation has been the process of putting food in stomach and any kind of roof over his head. He has no living relatives with whom to rely on, and has had no opportunity to learn any salable skill during his struggle to stay fed and healthy. Ravi is nonetheless not despaired by his lot in life, most times, simply by virtue of the fact that he has never known any other prosperity with which to contrast his destitute existence.

He mostly makes a living as a hired paw, whether it be manual labor or as muscle for food, though his thick back-woods accent and drunken manners usually reduce any adversary to hysteria before any violence can occur.

He is known to sleep outdoors, except on the rare occasion he comes into some money, at which times he often rents a room at the Shattered Emerald and becomes blind drunk with any leftover coins. In these moments, exceptionally uncommon as they are, Ravi exhibits reckless generosity, offering to pay for the drinks of anyone who might join him in holding onto the bar for dear life. When not completely glazed over by strong drink, there’s a sadness in his eyes and a quickness to his tongue that a rare few have found compelling, but Ravi is not like to remember any of the names or faces of these potential friends.

Full Name: Ravinder Marvin Custer
Gender: Male
Race: North American raccoon
Occupation: Opportunist
Age: 24
Orientation: Bi

Affiliation: Independent
Birthdate: June 18, 1560
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150

Hair: Dusty brown
Fur: Gray/black
Eyes: Emerald
Markings: Procyonidae markings – gray/white fur with black guard hairs and “mask” patterning

Magicke: None… Ravi probably thinks pulling a coin from behind one's ear is nothing less than sorcery of the most advanced kind.

Abilities: “Tough”, resistant to physical pain extremes. Adaptable to both city and wild living. Has come into knowledge of survival almost entirely by accident, living homeless and destitute and using some crude ingenuity to survive.

Skills: Odd job versatility, having tried many things to make some coin, and unsurprisingly attached to none of them. Some degree of street-smarts. Reasonable with knife-play when sober, though more a danger to himself when not.

Weaknesses: Severe alcoholic, uneducated, unemployed, utterly unaffiliated. Curious vendetta against a perceived "homewrecker"… though this would imply a home of some kind.

Theme Song: Uhh… Something by the Beatles.

Stuff… Such as it is

  • Tattered bag bearing the faded emblem of the Elysian Navy, filled with clothes and a book Ravi can't read.
  • An expensive-looking locket. Ravi sometimes claims it belonged to a former lover, and vows to kill the man who took him or her away from him, though it looks curiously expensive to belong to someone who would consort with the raccoon's extremely humble sort.
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