Rei-Xor Duvont


Born of Shia Duvont and fathered by Tsu Pai Ku, she was born into the cursed bloodline of both parents. Her lineage will be a plague upon her life but the slow to speak but quick to learn girl has taken the responsibility seriously. Her mother had kept her sheltered from much of the outside world most of her life, which has led her to be cautious and shy around most anyone. Her more recent tumultuous years have put her into a whole new category of emotional instability, one that just might surpass her bestial appearance. The question remains: with all that she has dealt with will she eventually become the monster the peers of society deem her to already be?


Her mother, (Shia Duvont) and father (Tsu Pai Ku), met out of wedlock in Lotus Village where her mother worked as a caretaker for the children that Spike took in. However, issues regarding a jealous mate forced Shia to leave while still pregnant. During this time, her mother moved to Elysia and married Tetsuya where they were settling down to raise the new family. Rei-Xor, however, was an incredibly difficult birth that almost took Shia's life. Concerns that the child would suffer special needs and physical handicaps were plenty during the first few months, the young one looking nothing like a normal cub.
Because of the issues, Shia kept protective watch over her daughter through most of her youngest years, all but closing her off to the rest of the world. Not out of shame, but out of fear of Rei-Xor being ridiculed and scorned for her appearance. Once Shia was granted noble title; Rei-Xor was taught by private tutors, fed special diets, and given treatments by mages and physicians alike to try to soften her monstrous features.

Full Name: Rei Xor Duvont
Alias: Razor, Rei-Rei
Gender: Female
Species: Unique (Furre/Kitsune/Nianju)
Race: Wolf-Fox (Canine)

Affiliation: House Duvont
Occupation: Student
Homeland: Elysian City, Elysia
Age: Early-teens
Birthdate: April 15

Height: 4' 2"
Weight: 68 lbs.
Hair: Shadow Gray
Fur: Black
Eyes: Black
Markings: Giant fangs, slightly over-sized ears (smaller than a Fae), deformed over-sized paws (feet and hands) all with large claws, eyes that do not reflect light, twin thickly-furred fox tails that are prehensile.

She was a quiet child, but a highly intelligent one who spent as much of her day studying and reading books as she did romping about the private grounds of her family's private grounds. She considered herself a happy child without want of anything. A father who treated her as his own, a mother who cared for her deeply, and friends like Visara and Sari who took care of her and taught her in her own home.


Her world in her eyes first began to turn upside down during a chance meeting with the hunted Returner, Nicholae van Doma, who seemed quite curious about the girl and her abilities. She didn't out rightly see the evil in him, and was appalled at his eventual death at the paws of the Peace Keepers. It was not long after, her long time mentor and friend, Visara, parted ways to serve a nomadic noble. The realities of life were further breaking forth after her sister, Amber Duvont, was born; for it was not long after the signs of a strained relationship between her parents were evident and eventually, the two of them parted ways.
Seeing that her daughter was so distraught over such events, and fewer tutors willing to work for her because of the increased scandals and political pressures, Shia finally enrolled Rei-Xor into the Elysian school system. It was a whole new world for the youngster, and one that she couldn't fit into at all, constantly in trouble in one form or the other, even a few events resorting to the outcome of violence. Despite Angelique Abhorsen's crusade to keep the girl enrolled, the school board wanted her out.
It was perhaps good timing or something more than that which brought her biological father strolling into town during those days, offering to make up for lost time to his responsibilities of Rei-Xor's birth by helping her come to terms and learn about her heritage. A heritage that included Spike's fusion with a being called a Nianju and how it passed its traits down to her. It was a couple of months full of learning about Magicke and her innate abilities as the inheritor of Kitsune and Nianju blood, and then he had to return to his own home back in Lotus Village. She now had a grand sense of pride for herself and who she was.

Arrym Invasion

The invasion began but aside from needing to give her mother more time to herself for stress management, it wasn't so different a time than normal for her. And then tragedy struck twice. First, Tetsuya left Elysia to pursue keys to his past and his future but left little word about any of it to anyone. The increasingly estranged father had been coming around less to visit with her in those days, but since he left completely, she was developing abandonment issues that had been haunting her for sometime. Both her father's, her teachers, and her friends all left her and she were feeling as if it were her own fault. And then…

The events that precede are abbreviated for now as they are key points that could be considered spoilers for some. Not that the outcome doesn't spoil it enough…

Mid-way through the war, the Duchee de Duvont was attacked and burned to the ground by a well-organized night raid. The only apparent survivor was a burned and catatonic Rei-Xor. With no family to turn to and the nobles in an uproar about the war, there was none who were willing to take her in. Constable Eli Sykes was attempting to make temporary arrangements with House Kensen to take her in when Xantha co-commander Lord Scorpion interceded and made arrangements to take her in himself. He claimed he felt a kinship with her heritage and her plight and refused anyone else to allow her to be diluted further by a fearful and uneducated world.

Novari Occupation

As she spent her days with the Xantha noble, he gave her the best of what he could offer, treating her like a princess with the best quarters, food, clothing, education, and entertainment the Xantha could provide. Their strange mannerisms and lifestyles meshed well with Rei-Xor and she began to feel quite at home. Especially as he seeded thoughts of power and revenge on those who took her family from her. Excessive combat and magicke training was offered to her, where she was given a balance of meditative conditioning and utter destructive rage that again fit with her personality.

The Factions

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Misc Information

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