Born of a farming family, he decided early on that farming, while a "plebian" yet necessary task, was not something he would choose as a career. He found the various machines and gizmos that were created and maintained in the inner parts of industrial Vanir fascinating, and to this end he kept his nose burried in books and manuals when not tending to the family farm as a young boy. By his mid teens his youngers siblings had taken the majority of the farmwork, and he started designing his own creations that, while mostly ill-conceived, displayed his creativity and knowledge of the machines that he worked with.


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Full Name: Rhuark
Alias: none
Gender: Male
Race: Feline
Species: Housecat

Occupation: Inventor/Engineer
Birthplace: Vanir, Elysia
Age: 26
Birthdate: May 16th, 1558

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Fur: Cream
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Arrym Invasion

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Novari Occupation

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The Factions

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Misc Information

"There's no science in it."

Creativity with an ability to think 'outside the box'.

Several unfinished (and sometimes unrealistic) projects mark him as easily sidetracked.

Personal Equipment:
Always carries a pad and a pen.

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