Riesz was born to Dietrich Schellheim, well-known fetish clothing designer, womanizer, and hedonist — and one of his many wives. Dietrich clearly was not the ideal father figure. He took full advantage of his fame, enjoying good food, beautiful company, and his decadent tastes in bed were infamous. Riesz grew up very close to her father, having never met her mother. Naturally, Dietrich spoiled his daughter and taught her everything he knew about clothing, about women, about enjoying yourself. Drilled into her head was the most important tenet to live by: 'If nothing else, you must look good. You can get far in life on good looks alone.'


Of course, being the young daughter of a fetish clothing magnate, Riesz was often sent around Europe to model her father's wares. Most places outside of the Austrian Monarchy did not receive the idea of a young girl freely flaunting such sexualized clothing very well, but the tours ultimately increased her father's notoriety, and the few folk that were interested in such finery purchased their wares from Dietrich, applauding such a ballsy move. Only one location had met such a show with positive reception (or at least, the least negative reception) — Elysian City, Elysia. After Riesz returned from Elysian City, she reported that Elysians were absolutely crazed with BDSM and the associated wares. Dietrich quickly decide he needed a share of the incredibly lucrative market. What better place to open up a new franchise? And who better to run it, than his very own daughter?

And so, with her father's blessing (and a few things to protect herself), Riesz was sent back to Elysian City, where she opened up shop and sells her father's wares to this very day. Despite being spoiled and carefree, Riesz has a genuine interest in doing her part to make everyone look as good as can be.

Art by SpazzyKoneko

Full Name: Riesz Schellheim
Gender: Female
Race: Furre
Species: Domestic Tabby (Feline)
Orientation: Pansexual; female and transgender preference

Affiliation: Independent
Occupation: Clothier
Birthplace: Austrian Monarchy
Age: 28
Birthdate: September 7th

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Fur: Orange
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Markings: n/a

Abilities and Skills: Coercion, conniving, famous. Good with rope and knots. Good eye for sizes and distance. Can rely on family for money. Champion napper.

Magicke: The feline commands no magicke of her own, but has been given some enchanted items.

Weaknesses: Foreign, heavy accent, vain, famous, racist (particularly towards mice and dogs), glutton. Tends to rely on others to do most of her dirty work.

Physical Description: Riesz is quite average body-wise, neither thin nor overweight. Though her clothing often changes to suit her mood, she's most attributed to wearing an over-sized white shirt beneath a black leather jacket, and a pair of tight-fitting red leather pants.

Misc Information

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