Rin Zephram

Full Name: Rin Zephram
Alias: The Emissary
Gender: Male
Race: Faerie Border Collie
Occupation: Seelie Court Emissary to Elysian City
Homeland: Fae
Age: Impossible to discern
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Darkish Crimson
Fur: Cream w/ Charcoal Markings
Eyes: Olive

Ranging everything from parlor tricks to impossible magickal manifestations only rumored about.

Largely uninvolved; acts only on behalf of the Seelie Court, and in their interests.

Personal Equipment:
Carries a beautiful elven bow and a quiver of arrows, along with his trusty fiddle.

Better known as The Emissary, this extremely mysterious faerie consistently brings chaos - news from the Seelie Court that usually causes mayhem, starkly contrasting his polite and gracious demeanor. He speaks in a scotch brogue, and often invokes his powerful magickes by singing. Only a handful of mortals have ever seen this. A roguish devil of an image befitting his faerie servitors; whenever Zephram is around, the curse of interesting times is sure to follow.

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