Name: Rust
Gender: Male
Race: Vulpine with some coyote ancestry
Occupation: Woodsman
Homeland: Eriu (Nashara)
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: 30-35 (Timeless)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Unkempt mahogany mane
Fur: Ruddy orange with gold/grey streaking from his upper muzzle on
down the back and tail
Eyes: Hazel
Markings: Rune branded above sternum (DragonSpeak translation: "invincible Ti")

Undying, Demi-corporeal, Resistant to mortal enchantments, DragonSpeaker

Amnesiac, Inadvertent eccentricity, Compulsive sentinel

Fighting: Polearm, Stealth, Singing,

Rune-marked glaive, hunting knife, black silk breechcloth and sash,
brass-studded black leather bracers, belt pouch, white rose pin

Rust seems oblivious to his own confusion regarding his origins, and
one might surmise that he is the victim of a fae glamour; a hypothesis
apparently supported by his emergence from the forests of Eriu. In
fact, he is the shade of a long-dead temple guard of the ancient
city-state of DragonSpeakers, Nashara. Blissfully forgetful of his
own death in the cataclysm that wiped Nashara from the eyes of
history, Rust remembers only his duty as Ti (temple guardian) to
defend and to maintain the peace. His psyche is frozen in in time by
the terrible ancient words of power, oblivious to both time and death.
Rust can not be truly killed by conventional means, and will
inevitably awaken once again at sunset with no memory of this latest
demise or the events preceding it. Every night Rust is compelled to
meditate under the stars, to draw creative sustennance from the
Primordial Primes in lieu of food and drink. Some years ago, in Eriu,
Rust came upon Aedina Kensen and has remained a friend and unofficial
protector to her house and person ever since.

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