Ryssa Kodora


Born an raised part of a huge traveling family troupe, she was a natural performer. Her desire to be in the spotlight made her work to gather skills to be in any act she could manage and was indeed one of the star attractions with her youthful talent. But as all stories seem to encounter, tragedy struck as a shadow army tore through the nomadic encampment one night, leaving few survivors. Her lonely trek drew her across the lands into Europa where she understudied with the court jester of Castle Junon and was even an adviser for a brief time there. Nearing out of her teens now, her travels have brought her to Elysia where she plays and sings with a two other musicians, Cinnamon Rose and Yasubei.


Born from the unlikely pairing of an tomboy Irish mother and a Japanese-by-way-of-China acrobat in a family full of Asian troubadours and performers, most all of which were related in one form or the other. She was naturally raised in the traveling circus that toured Southern Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Afrika. Tight-knit professionally and as a family, they created a very energetic and loving home-life for the fledgling entertainer as she grew up in a constant state of training. It wasn't long before she was put into the show, performing cutesy stunts like the other young ones.

As the years moved on and she became a more and more popular part of the troupe, no small part being her crisp golden voice, pinpoint gymnastics, and of course her exotic red hair. Definitely a source of pride for parents and siblings alike, aside from typical sibling behavior and competitiveness. And while the travel was harsh and the training punishing, it was still quite the golden life for young Ryssa. All the more harsh for when it crashed down overnight. Raiders, little more than literal shadows, ravaged the encampment with dervish speed as it was resting overnight at an oasis they had used countless times in the past. Innumerable assailants, thin black forms, murdered everything in sight in quick manner, livestock and beasts of burdens just as much a target as the poor troupe. Within minutes, only 1/5th of the group were left inexplicably alive as the shadows escaped in a locust-like swarm.
Ryssa's immediate family was among the slain, so distraught that she would neither speak or readily eat for days as the other traumatized

So much to do, will get back to this when awake.

Arrym Invasion

Novari Occupation

Art by Decadence
Full Name: Ryssa Kodora
Alias: n/a
Gender: Female
Race: Furre
Species: Bengal Tigris (Feline)

Affiliation: Ryssa's Troupe
Occupation: Troubadour/Entertainer
Birthplace: Desert Wastelands of Afrika
Age: Early-20s
Birthdate: March 4th

Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 97 lbs.
Fur: Tiger Yellow
Hair: Ember Orange
Eyes: Green
Markings: Light black tiger stripes

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