Salerio Lyssias is the chosen name of Adame, son of the Kirun chief shaman Dagdah. Having grown up between the harsh tribelands of the east and the urban civilization of colonial Elysia, Salerio comes to a medium between colonials and his father's people. He took his oath to the Peace Keepers at the age of twenty, after having been heavily schooled since his mid-teenage. Although he has recently risen to the rank of deputy in the 3rd precinct, his choices still confound his father, who wished Adame would more closely follow the ways of the Kirun tribesmen with whom he was raised.


Adame was born in the Kirun tribelands. One-quarter Colonial on his mother's side, the lad's mind always wandered from a pure Yanakan way of life. Despite not being pure Yanaka, Adame excelled at everything the tribal life demanded of him. Handsome, strong, and with a voracious appetite for learning the oral traditions of the Kirun, it seemed he was the perfect earmark to take over as High Chief from his father. But this was not to be.


Leaving the tribal lands and adopting the name of his maternal Elysian grandfather, "Salerio" entered the service of the Peace Keepers when he came of age, and was stationed in Elysian City. There he showed the same fierce tenacity as he had in his trying childhood, and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant. Salerio studied under Constable Eli Sykes, where he managed to learn some of Sykes' legendary swordplay.

Full Name: Adame, son of Dagda
Alias: Salerio Lyssias
Gender: Male
Race: Yanaka
Species: Wolf (Canine)

Affiliation: Elysian City Peace Keepers
Occupation: Peace Keeper
Birthplace: Kirun Tribelands, Elysia
Age: Mid-20s
Birthdate: May 16th, 1556

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Reddish brown.
Fur: Jet black.
Eyes: Yellow.
Markings: Yanaka spiritual markings on body, hidden, and beads worn in hair

Arrym Invasion

With his ancestral lands in the direct path of the Arrym warpath, Salerio requested leave to join with the Yanaka Corps and take the fight to the horde. On the front lines he saw the Arrym destroy countless Yanaka settlements, and Colonial villages besides.

During the Battle of Vanir, Salerio achieved some unlikely fame. With Corps and Queen's Army forces desperately outnumbered and in dire need of an immediate counter-attack, Salerio proposed an unlikely tactic to General Gravarius; to resurrect the old tradition of the Yanaka War Song. This ritual had been borrowed from the Yanaka by Xavier's militia during the revolution, and used to great effect in intimidating Novari soldiers prior to combat. Thunderhoof accepted, and a devastating counter-attack bought time for Vanir to shore its defenses.

Novari Occupation

Salerio was one of the many Peace Keepers to be removed from their jobs during the Novari Occupation. After consulting with his father who advised a low profile, Salerio returned to Elysian City to join the fledgling Resistance. He was one of the Resistance's more militant voices, advocating violent measures to break Novari control mechanisms. His own division of the Elysian City resistance cells was personally responsible for the deaths of numerous Novari soldiers and the destruction of an entire garrison by fire.

The Factions

As the Occupation came near to its end, Salerio was one of the few hardline Resistance leaders to evade capture. He was however betrayed on the very last day before the Cherry Treaty was signed, and received a grievous wound to his right eye.

Salerio has since been reinstated at the express request of Eli Sykes, however much of the truth of his involvement with the Resistance has been suppressed. With the deaths of so many of his Resistance comrades on Novari hands, it is hard to imagine him cooperating with them willingly in the post-war period. He still bears the scar on his face from his arrest, and the once prodigal son of both the Yanaka and the 3rd precinct has a blood grudge to pay back.

Misc Information

  • Standard issue Peace Keeper Armor
  • Standard issue Peace Keeper Claymore
  • Suede 'medicine' bag

Abilities: Salerio is literate, speaks both the Common Elysian and traditional Yanaka. Having joined the corps in his teenage, he has become a competent swordsman under the tutelage of Eli Sykes, and is also a skilled wrestler.

Basic understanding of Yanaka Native spirituality and healing rituals, but no "sorcery" to speak of.

Salerio can be hot-tempered and conflicted over his mixed upbringing. He is also asthmatic on occasion, compounded by lack of medical attention as a child. Salerio is partially blind in his right eye, the result of an injury sustained during the Occupation.

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