Samuel Vincent

Full Name: Samuel Vincent
Gender: Male
Race: Tiger
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Homeland: Elysia
Age: Early 20s
Affiliation: Elysian City Commoner.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190
Hair: black
Fur: orange with black stripes
Eyes: yellow
Markings: black with orange stripes

Magicke: none

Abilities and skills: aptitude towards mechanical and structural design, production and application.

Weaknesses: fits of rage towards his superiors, usually due to their ignorance. though highly intelligent, his negotiating skills left a bit to be desired

Physical description: scrawny for a tiger, his face usually buried in paperwork, his muzzle usually buried in an ale, when it wasn't busy cussing about the papers.

History and Personality: raised in Elysia.

Theme song(s):

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