Sanae Masutomo

Full Name: Sanae Masutomo
Gender: Female
Race: Panda
Occupation: Peace Keeper
Age: Early-20s
Birthdate: February 4th
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 142 lbs.
Hair: Black
Fur: Black and White
Eyes: Dk. Brown
Markings: Typical panda pattern

The only daughter of Eiji and Yukio Masutomo, she was raised around weapons of war and the gentle grace of her mother's tea shop. Combined, it made a very balanced childhood and she excelled well in school. When the war broke its fury, Sanae volunteered into the Keeper's militia service where she served till the very end, when the Novari took over. She, however, left the service and sided with the Resistance where she remains to this day. This decision has cost her family as they have been thoroughly interrogated and threatened, warnings that if they have any new information that they must turn her in. However, the Masutomo household has remained firm and believe in their daughter's decision to do what she feels right.

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