Sasha Quinus

Full Name: Sasha Quinus
Gender: Female
Race: Daruni
Occupation: Peace Keeper
Homeland: Elysia
Birthdate: September 22nd
Age: 24
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 192 lbs.
Hair: Black
Fur: Black
Eyes: Warm Gold

Being a sub-breed of unicorn, she is a naturally magical creature but posesses no known powers but is more resistant to magicks used on her.

Magic resistance prevents low-power defensive or healing by others. More emotional than most Daruni.

Personal Equipment:
Armor - Standard black Elysian City Peace Keeper armor
Claymore "Legend" and short crossbow "Mythos"

Born in Elysian in the Daruni lifestyle of servitude through protection to the island, choosing the life of a Peace Keeper emphatically. A bubbly and sometimes talkative femme, much to the raised eyebrows of her fellow brother and sister Daruni, she excelled in handling petty disputes and is rather nautically minded. As of recently, she is serving on the Peace Keeper flagship dreadnaught, the Steel Halberd, under Captain Takagawa and, on rare occasions, serves as a stand in constable for the third precinct when Eli Sykes nor his deputies are unavailable.

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