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Senyn comes from a large family that dabbles in healing, herbalism, and trading. Senyn is the youngest daughter of renowned merchant, Siat Kiera II, and belated mother Rosalina Luna. The Kiera family's wealth and success is clearly a product of carefully planned arranged marriages, shared knowledge between families, connections, and the good business sense of Siat I and Siat II.


Siat I had twin daughters (Kali and Minyk), but was successful in producing only one male heir, which he promptly passed down his hopes, dreams, and his very own name to. As mere children, Siat II and Isabella De Mort were betrothed in an attempt to bring the two rising merchant families together.
By the time Siat II had reached his 13th summer, his sister Minyk had married into the Kida family, who were of questionable origin, but wealthy in the way of ships. Minyk's husband, Captain Lucius Kida, grew up on the open ocean. He owned two small ships, possibly pirated, which he traded for one larger vessel, better equipped for overseas travel, and began taking shipment commissions, soon agreeing to do much of the Kiera family's exporting. The business exporting the family specialties - tea, medicinal herbs, spices, and related luxury products, was based in Europe, with trade routes and exchanges even to Afrika and Asia.

1565- Where the Kiera family succeeded, the De Mort family failed. Accusations regarding illegal activity on the part of the De Mort family also made relations between the two families difficult. In addition to criminal activities were sudden accusations of the Kiera family's associates of infidelity by Isabella in what was apparently a failed attempt to win the affections of a Nobleman. Whether the accusations were true or not, when Siat II reached his 16th summer, his family claimed the betrothal to be invalid due to the De Mort family's failure to meet the financial requirements of the betrothal contract.
One month later, Siat I announced the betrothal of his son to Rosalina Luna, 17, and a skilled and beloved healer from Sarsania Academy. Rosalina, though rumored to have descended from royalty, was known for her kindness and generosity with her healing paws. Rosalina's dowry included a hefty sum of gold, as well as access to and copies of a vast collection of plant and medical texts, collected by her family from East and West, from monasteries and wise-women alike. Despite a lofty dowry, it quickly became obvious to the masses how in love Siat II and Rosalina were. The De Mort family became outraged at the sudden engagement and accused the Kiera family of escaping the previous binding betrothal contract by spreading lies and rumor, but their accusations were ignored. The betrothal of Siat II and Rosalina was apparently validated and consummated immediately. Weeks later, Rosalina announced publicly that she was with kit.

1565- Late in the year, Rosalina convinces her stepfather Siat I to allocate some funds to a local orphanage to help alleviate hunger.

1566- Rosalina gave birth to her firstborn son, Siat III. Soon after, the Kiera family discovered one of their shipping houses to be vandalized, many items stolen. Isabella De Mort is said to have gone insane, and is taken to her family's country estate, the only De Mort family property not seized due to debt. 1567- The birth of twin girls to the Kiera family, Sophi and Mejune. Physicians announced Rosalina to be unable to birth again due to complications and illness during pregnancy. Actions of anonymous vandals on the Kiera family properties is investigated by the Luna family, and stolen items are found in De Mort possession - no arrests

Full Name: Senyn Kiera
Alias: n/a
Gender: Female
Race: Furre
Species: Siamese (Feline)

Occupation: Healer, Freelance. Merchant's daughter.
Birthplace: Somewhere in the Kingdom of Castille, Europe
Age: Mid-teens
Birthdate: November 11th,

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Fur: Cream
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light Blue
Markings: Typical of a Siamese feline, the markings upon her fade from black to brown and into creamy lighter tones. Fur "mask" of black/brown upon her face, dark tipped ears, front and hint paws, as well as tail.



Magicke: Studied and naturally talented at healing arts. She seems practiced at sending small objects (for instance, marbles, coins, sand, knives) forcefully in a chosen direction with barely a sweep of her paw or a breath from her lips, by some fantastic burst of energy. Abilities and skills: Senyn has knowledge of herbs and spices which come in handy for assisting with basic illnesses and healing without exerting excessive energies. In combat, aside from her ability to fling light, wieldy implements, Senyn is very light on her feet and highly capable of dodging, or fleeing if necessary.

Weaknesses: Small of frame and without armor, Senyn has, in most cases, wisely and efficiently avoided combat. In the event of unavoidable combat, she is very susceptible to blunt force hits and projectiles, relying mainly on dodge tactics and distractive projectile offense.Exerting magick energy for healing or attacking frequently often weakens and slows her. Senyn has childlike tendencies, such as but not limited to daydreaming at inappropriate times and yawning during important conversations or long sittings - things that moreso annoy folks she does business with on a day-to-day basis. Highly susceptible and attracted to alcohol, possibly due to inexperience, it's never a good thing when she's lost track of her drinks. Prone to find troubleā€¦

Physical description: One could tell that she'd been sitting out on the docks again by the way the droplets of water glittered in her wild locks of hair like a starry midnight sky. Creamy fur clashed violently with black accents upon her paws, ears, and her face, where clouded blue oculars stared very seriously ahead through gold-framed glasses. She wore a knee-length dress that seemed tailored to fit her slender frame, and a long, thick cape to conceal her backside, secured at the front by ornate metal clasps resembling vinery. Traveling from place to place usually escorted by less-than-respectable looking folks that any normal citizen would do well to avoid. She always has a small case-like purse at her side, and smells of herbs. All the gossip mongers say she's a tea merchant's daughter, a healer, and mostly, unattainable.

1568- Senyn Kiera born to Rosalina, the only child to take after Rosalina in appearance. Siat II purchases a large country house as a gift for Rosalina, who is taken ill inexplicably. Attacks on the Kiera family seem to have ceased.

1571- Fire breaks out in the night on the Kiera Estate while Siat II is away on business. Fatalities include Kali Kiera, Rosalina Luna Kiera, and Siat I, who reentered the flaming home to find his sister and Rosalina. Other fatalities included two servants trapped in basement quarters. Rosalina's death is grieved among masses of peasants. Siat II refuses new clients, temporarily disabling the business. In response, the Kiera, Luna, and Kida families put out hefty rewards for information regarding what was obviously arson.

Recent Past

1575- A young peasant mother with a sick child seeks out the Luna family for help. She instead finds Senyn, who is only seven, who heals the child's infection over the course of a week and neglects to ask for payment. The child fully recovers from illness, and the mother and child never return. Weeks later, information regarding the Kiera estate arson leads to the arrest of Isabella De Mort, her brother Edmond De Mort, and their servant. The three are later executed.

1576- Captain Lucius Kida renames his ship from The Freedom to Rosalina's Dawn, in memory of Rosalina. - Senyn, having displayed a gift of healing, is sent to Sarsania Academy for a proper education, though she has already began to learn her art all on her own.

1580- Senyn leaves the academy with high honors. Siat II takes Jeune Stoneway as his wife after family pushes him to remarry. Jeune is instantly loved by the entire family, though the same spark of affection is not present from Siat II as it was for Rosalina.


1582- Mejune Kiera is betrothed to Professor Jarrod Rain. -Siat III is sent out to set up new trade

1583- Senyn vetos a surprise betrothal announcement by misbehaving at a high social function. As a result, the marriage offer by the Talonworth family is temporarily retracted. -A trade route to Elysia is plotted, and Senyn jumps at the opportunity to go. -Sophi Kiera is chosen as a more suitable wife for Fenrir Talonworth. -After some consideration, Siat II decides his daughter is competent enough to handle family business across seas (even if she's disinterested in marriage). Senyn is allowed to travel to Elysia to set up trade in Elysian City. Senyn's siblings immediately dub her too embarrassing for the family to keep in Europe, but wish her well on her journey. -The ship called The Buccaneer's Strumpet commissioned for additional shipments to Elysia, so assist when Rosalina's Dawn is overwhelmed, as agreed by Captain Takem "Screaming Blade" Talonworth.

Misc Information

*Access Captain Takem "Screaming Blade" Talonworth's ship, the Buccaneer's Strumpet

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