Shattered Emerald

The Shattered Emerald is a famous tavern on the dockyard of Elysian City. Housed in one of the city's oldest buildings, the Emerald dates back to the founding days of the kingdom, when the first sailors unloading bricks and lumber needed a place to drink at the end of their work.

Started by Mordechai Nerys in the Second Year of the Founding, it began as a simple crude tent, but gradually changed to a great stone building and has passed down through the Nerys family over the many generations, along with their brewing secrets for the renowned Emerald Ale.

The Shattered Emerald left the care of the Nerys family briefly in the 115th year, when the rabbit clan was forced to flee from pressure from local dock gangs. This was a period of unprecedented organization for the local criminal organization, and caused the reputation of the Emerald to be tarnished, until the tavern was re-claimed by Airika, great-great-great-granddaughter of Mordecai Nerys, in 121.

Many rumours cloud the actual story of the reclamation, but according to eyewitness accounts, the Lady Nerys walked into the tavern alone and unarmed, only to emerge 6 minutes later with the deed to the property, and a leather whip. This has given rise to a popular Shattered Emerald drinking tune tentatively titled " 6 Minutes for the Innmistress", where participants stop between verses to imbibe liquors as quickly as they can while keeping the beat with their footpaws.

To this day it remains the most popular of Elysian City's establishments, and has seen the addition of Matilda Abernathy, the tavern's chef, who has added a highly regarded menu of diverse dishes. During certain evenings even the most affluent of citizens can be seen in the busy tavern, but it is still the mainstay of the working class in Elysian City, including the favourite of offduty Elysian City Peace Keepers.

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