Shia Duvont


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Born into the Duvont family that ruled the green rolling hills of Dunmoore, she was raised as an ambassador and politician until her uncle, Sebastian Duvont, assassinated his older brother the King and his family appointing himself ruler. Sending the rest of the Duvont family into chaos as he had other family members who would challenge his rule put to death, including Shia’s father. Her beloved sister was forced into marriage with her uncle to pact the remaining families into submission. Her own mother seeming to side with the evil uncle until her death of a short-lived and mysterious plague that swept the lands soon after. Shia fled the realm never to return, her hatred turned to herself for not escaping with her sister.


Her travels took her into the dangerous streets of Furabia and into Lotus Village where she took a political position there. But once the Village fell due to its incompetent leader, she promised herself mateship to the master chef of the realm who left the dying city to make his own secluded home. Again tragedy forced her and her newly acquired adopted children to leave the fallen home. She found her way to a new and again short lived realm where she was exiled by political upheavals within its own system. Now she resides in the isolated but wonderful island known as Elysia. Elected as mayor the prior year, she has worked to keep things in order but the Kingdom's Senate and her do not always see eye to eye.
But life continues to be difficult and ever changing, her mate giving her a daughter Amber, many friends falling along the way side, her past catching up to her quickly with her sister reuniting after all the years and not in ways hoped, and politics putting increasing strain on her.

Full Name: Shia Renelle Duvont
Gender: Female
Species: Furre/Kitsune
Race: Vulpine

Affiliation: House Duvont
Occupation: Noble / Former Mayoress
Homeland: Dunmoore
Age: Early-30s
Birthdate: January 6

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Hair: Golden Blonde
Fur: Vulpine Cream
Eyes: China Blue
Markings: Minor burns and battle scars that she tries to hide with clothing and make up.

Arrym Invasion

Novari Occupation


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