Shinjo Takagawa

Name: Shinjo Takagawa
Gender: Male
Race: Cheetah
Occupation: Admiral of the Peace Keeper Coastal Defense League
Homeland: Aesir, Elysia
Birthdate: December 14th
Age: 64
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 141 lbs.
Hair: Cloudy Gray
Fur: Tawny with dark brown and black spots
Eyes: Light Brown

A skilled fender, a magnificent sailor and commander, a brilliant tactician that has seen personally to the failures of two invasions.

Deceptively fast. Insanely fast. Even in his old age, he can move but in a blur if something calls for him to.

Personal Equipment:
His rapier engraved in Kaji that if translated says "Heavenly fire burns the darkness"

A living legend in Elysian culture today. No captain, no general, no leader has ever managed the feats he had in his first twenty years of service alone. When the Senate went looking for an Admiral for the newly created Peace Keeper navy, he was quickly made their first choice. To Takagawa, this is his retirement plan. At least as much as he ever plans to retire.

Art by Ilith
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