Shiva's Marauders

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These characters were created specifically for the Legend of Elysia RPG.

Shiva's Marauders were a motley crew of females from all over the world and from all sorts of professions who were brought under the wing of a powerful mage queen from Stara-Ziema who called herself Shiva. Each were recruited and joined for individual reasons but most all were ultimately loyal to Shiva.



Full of mystery, even her name isn't her real one, she appeared on the scene just before the war and began to slowly wreak havoc on the Elysian countryside. For reasons unknown, she sought out females who wanted revenge, wanted money, wanted power, all the above, or wanted much more specific and complicated goals and brought them together to create Shiva's Marauders. While ultimately, the enigmatic mage of great power had dark ulterior motives, they were neither never revealed.

Adalwolfa von Kreig

German immigrant with a penchant for modern weaponry, the science of firearms, a former musketeer marksman for a German lord's small empire that was taken control of by the Novari. She's a complete sadist, views males as beasts of burden, and has little compassion for anything or anyone that doesn't get her to where she's going. Her reasons for working for Shiva seems to be promises of power.



A kitsune mage from the deep misty mountains of Asia, her benign state of mind hides a hatred for mortal kind, a survivor of a brutal raid on her people so long ago.


Elisabeth Evermore

A buxom and beautiful debutante who's financial power through her many noble friends across Europe and Elysia have helped Shiva to no small end. Elisabeth isn't an official part of Shiva's group as she's a fairly public figure, but it's not unknown of her attachments to the Marauders either. Just no one has any clue how she managed to provide safehouses and monetary support with no obvious links. Some in the Peace Keepers have even dubbed her a witch over the matter.

Furea Morhal

Inna Svetskaia

Sweet-natured girl with a knack for clockwork machinery from her airship mechanic elder brother who took care of her. After his death, however, she was in dire need of funds and there was nothing left of the family home to sell. Shiva convinced her that life on the streets was no place for her and had head become her maidservant and house keeper for whatever headquarters Shiva had stolen or erected at the time. Due to her experience with the field, she helps look after the machina Tinman as well as the many rifles and gadgets the group employs.


When the Syrian assassin guilds fell hundreds of years ago, the splinterings of their trade spread throughout the world. Jazmine comes from that world, trained as a Fida'i from a very young age. While other women used their wiles for information, Jazmine were used for little else but destruction as she had little skill in acting cute and docile. The ferret was still lithe and soft enough to be mistaken for the part, but she far too much enjoyed the bloodshed. She wasn't subtle. Shiva was pitted against her sultan master one fateful winter. The victor was clear and Jazmine greatly admired Shiva's style. The rest is a trail of bloody history.


She was Marasol's squire when the Novari took the Northlands and instead of gathering with her family or fleeing to other lands, she stayed with her mistress. Even now, the dark tomboyish Valkyrie stays with her lead, despite having no affinity for Shiva or her causes.


Kayin was never mentally sound, her parents of the Kankori clan of Yanaka who believed in the violent retaking of Elysia. But when she saw her family slaughtered by the Arrym and those who were left taking captive, the final thread broke. Savage violence coursed through her veins ever since, and Shiva made sure to take full advantage of that fury.


The only male in Shiva's Marauders is a behemoth wolvan brought with her from the Stara-Ziema. Almost completely feral, it only understands the simplest of instructions and behaves only Shiva and Inna, much to the chagrin of the other members. He's a burly beast and he's used to that end, though more often than not, he's a guard for the bases Shiva uses.


Once, she was one of the proud Valkyries of the Northlands. Until the Novari won the war and took control of the once noble lands. Now the Valkyries are scattered and confused, taking their secrets behind their powers with them. A perfect time for Shiva to take advantage. Marasol was once a war hero, a hardened captain of the guard. She was no easy win for Shiva to bring on board and it's still a mystery how it finally came to be. Marasol was often considered Shiva's First Knight, commander of any of Shiva's major field missions Shiva herself wasn't involved in.


A playful Fae who's quite a contrast to the dark and vile Yxu. Ree's all about having fun and spreading chaotic joy. Joy for herself, of course. It was Ree who actually sought Shiva instead of the other way around, interested in using Shiva's goals as excuses to his her activities from her fellow Fae. Along with her was brought the mysterious "Twins", whom serve her like automatons. Ree was the least loyal in Shiva's employ.


An impish and violent feline who desires to become a returner, one of the Coven. But in her search for a "master", she found Shiva instead. Maybe the dark arts of magic wasn't such a bad place to prepare for her "ascension into immortality".

Tara Creed

An eccentric swashbuckling musketeer who believes she will save the world from each and every villainous tyrant who dares oppress them. But a cliche she certainly isn't, for her skills with rifle and sword aside, she is a complete neurotic mess who's reasons for being such a hero seems to change as fast as her mood-swings.


A marvel of the ancient ways, a machina soldier in furre form, a lanky noisy mass of metals and instruments, Tinman is a golem discovered by Shiva during her scavenging of sacred Zabel ruins and cared for by Inna.

The Twins

Fake and often monotone voices, plastic smiles, dull eyes… it was anyone's guess if they were hallowed out souls, mind controlled victims, golems, machines, or who knows what else. The only confirmations were they were ultimately and irrevocably loyal to the mischievous Fae Ree, and could be as sweet as sweet could be and then carve a person into bits without losing that same cheerful smile.


Once a sorely abused orphan, she was captured and taken in by an assassin's guild who trained orphans like herself to become weapons of death for the highest bidder. As silent in speech as she is in feetfalls, its a strange wonder just what Shiva said to her to not only void the contract on Shiva's life, but to have her join her crew. But whatever it was, Una is as loyal to Shiva as any.


Veronika Kruger

No one knew what the Novari did to her, but whatever it was was potent. Athletic but elegant in form and gestures, but hollow and glossy eyes like she were living life in a dreamlike state, like nothing she experienced responded as real. To the point that during her early days, she took blades to cut free the majority of the tiger stripes from her form, fur and flesh alike, leaving massive scars she somehow managed to survive infection and bloodloss from. All because she thought the striped didn't belong to her and were stolen from someone that needed them back. She were rescued by Wykka years ago, where Wykka quickly discovered that she were a powerful ally with enhanced natural feats and a fearlessness matched only by the [[Daruni]]. Veronika was the only survivor rescued with Wykka by Shiva, but she follows less out of gratitude or interest than simply floating through her dream like it were a series of random events she were forced to chase.


She were once mistress of a league of unnaturals, surviving experiments of the Novari, where she lead a campaign of guerrilla warfare throughout Europe and western Africa against them while looking for cures and life extensions for her motley and dying crew. A trap was sprung during a hopeful alliance with a small group of alchemists that had Wykka and her lot captured. The majority of them did not survive the following month. But then Shiva broke her free, unable to rescue any of the others save Veronika Kruger. Grateful for the rescue, she holds an anger and distrust for Shiva because of it, not as bought into the charisma as the others. But her vengeance against the Novari was far greater.


The Fae call her "The Chained One". Cast out from the lands of Fae and unaccepted by the Unseely, Yxu was bound and imprisoned in a temple of the Ancients in Elysia eons ago. It wasn't Shiva's intention to free her, in fact, she meant to keep her as a powerful pet in which to divine information from. But Yxu was too sly and too powerful to be used by Shiva. Unlike most of her compatriots in Shiva's Marauders, Yxu is one of the only ones still unaccounted for to this day. And everyone is fearful of what she may do next.


An excitable, nervous, and ditsy squirrel who was once just a maid for an Aesir nobleman. But now, she serves Shiva as little more than a slave variant of a personal assistant. Zoe, oddly enough, doesn't seem to mind at all.

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